It’s Not That Our Milk Engorged Breasts Aren’t ‘Sexy’ – We Just Don’t Appreciate You Using Them For Your Creepy Dating Website

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Cougar Life Breastfeeding BillboardOn Monday, a new billboard was released on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles for a website that’s called Cougar Life. This website is for older women to connect with younger men interested in dating them, and what better way to illustrate the beginning of a romantic relationship with what you hope will be your life-partner than by using a photograph of a mom breastfeeding an infant. Because older women are moms! BOOBS! MILFs! BOOBS!

To make matters worse, the headline to the billboard reads “Jealous?”

Now, I suppose whatever brilliant mind conceived (See what I did thaaaaar?) this flash of advertising genius (Yes, I know, I have sarcasm dripping down my chin) thought that dudes who wanna date older ladies would be jealous of the idea of a newborn suckling at his mama’s teat (This whole concept makes me wanna talk like some old-timey farmer) and would sign up for this wonderful dating service that would connect him to such a woman. But the word “jealous” in itself is sort of unintentionally funny, because as any mom with a pair of flesh-toned nursing pads shoved in her utilitarian white nursing bra can tell you, there ain’t a whole hell of a lot to be jealous of. Jealous of….. what?

Our engorged breasts that start leaking every time we hear our newborn cry or we are stuck in traffic and three minutes late to a feeding?

Jealous of the fabulous chance that we may get mastitis at any moment?

Jealous of the fact that when we are trying to feed our baby in public some pinchy-faced lady is going to give us the stink eye or some leering dude is going to spend an extra minute gawking at us giving our baby lunch?

Or jealous of the fact that to this day so many people still view something as normal and nonsexual as feeding a baby as a sexual act?

Dudes who wanna register at  the Cougar Life dating service are totes jealous of breastfeeding babies because they want some of that hot milk action that includes a lot of moms being exhausted while they are nursing and demanding gigantic glasses of ice water and DVR’d episodes of Scandal to watch while they are doing it. My apologies to all the nursing fetishists out there, but the act of breastfeeding just isn’t that sexy. The people who thought up this Cougar Life breastfeeding billboard have obviously never been around a nursing mom in an utter panic because her breasts are engorged and her milk flow is coming out too fast and her baby is almost choking while she is trying to feed him. The Cougar Life breastfeeding billboard people have never been with a mom in tears at her pediatricians office when her doctor tells her she isn’t producing enough and she should think about supplementing with formula. The Cougar Life breastfeeding billboard people have never been around a new mother with an infant with a ferocious latch-on who is making her nipples bleed. And I’m pretty sure the Cougar life breastfeeding billboard people have obviously never been to a La Leche league meeting.

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  1. Veronica

    May 16, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    I don’t know what’s wrong with this world. I mean really. Maybe this is one of the reasons women have such a hard time making an educated decision about how they will feed their baby. I can easily see how a breastfeeding woman, or a woman considering the idea, would feel like she was being made into a joke. Breastfeeding is just feeding a baby. This would make just as much sense if she were giving the kid a bottle with the same “Jealous?” headline. Just stop already.

  2. faifai

    May 16, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    I’m trying to connect the billboard with its intended message and I just can’t put it together. I mean, a “cougar” is generally an older woman–late 40s, into the early 60s–who is past the age of breastfeeding an infant. So a guy who’s looking for a cougar isn’t looking for a young hot MILF, he’s looking for an older hot MILF-but-my-kids-are-off-at-college. How is this… I can’t… unless they think of themselves as infants?… but that’s not…
    Nope. Can’t make it work.

  3. Emmali Lucia

    May 16, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    That billboard just reminds me so much of the second season of American Horror Story.

    Just make it stop.

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