Becoming a parent is a difficult choice, one not to be made lightly. It’s specific to each individual and what they want for their lives. Do they want to experience life with a mini-version of themselves or do they want to experience it without going down that road? There’s no bad choice here. And yet, there’s more judgement about the matter from both sides of the procreation line and personally, I don’t get it. Take this comedian’s tweet about a toddler slapping her feet which recently spurred a total war on Twitter. Everyone’s bashing everyone else’s choices, but seriously, like…why?

Jen Kirkman is comedian and author of a book called I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself: Tales From A Happy Life Without Kids (so you know she doesn’t have kids—which is totally cool and a life I sometimes still envy!) Anyway, Kirkman was out having coffee and a toddler crawler under her table and slapped her feet. Annoying sure, but who here hasn’t been annoyed before? Here, just, read the tweet:

If you’re a mom, you’re probably just shrugging and moving along because no one’s got time for that. But whatever, Kirkman decided to post a photo of her personal struggle on Twitter. I think she was just bitching as well all do at times when we’re annoyed on Twitter, probably didn’t even expect a reaction. Totally fine. But…she’s got a ton of followers so it didn’t get ignored like most tweets. One parent replied with a totally reasonable response:

And another made a similar suggestions: