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Chrissy Teigen Trolling Brooklyn Decker on Social Media Is Everything

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Ah, social media comments: the best place to glean parenting advice! We’ve all gotten a well-intended piece of “advice” on Facebook or Instagram, right? Such is the risk you run when you share pretty much ANYTHING about your pregnancy or kids. Celebrities seem to be especially prone to it, with thousands of complete strangers telling them what they’re doing wrong. Chrissy Teigen decided to poke fun at the sanctimommies who leave these types of comments on her friend Brooklyn Decker’s IG. Chrissy Teigen trolling Brooklyn Decker is just what we needed to read.

Chrissy Teigen trolling Brooklyn Decker just shows that social media can be fun again!

It started when Brooklyn shared a picture of her swollen ankles. She’s pregnant with her second child with husband, tennis player Andy Roddick. Doesn’t matter who you are, when you’re pregnant, your ankles will most likely look like tree trunks.

Girl, I feel you! My ankles went on holiday when I was pregnant. My legs went from calf to foot, all one size.

The sympathetic comments rolled in, because that truly is a shitty part about having a baby. But then Brooklyn’s friend Chrissy chimed in, posting some masterful sanctimommy comments.

chrissy teigen trolling

Image: Instagram/@brooklyndecker

“Pregnant women cannot consume more than 3 tunas a day.” True facts. It was obviously all in good fun, and Brooklyn even egged her on a bit.

chrissy teigen trolling

Image: Instagram/@brooklyndecker

Obviously, most people who read the comments understood that they were humorous and that Chrissy was just messing with her friend.

chrissy teigen trolling

Image: Instagram/@brooklyndecker

That makes so much sense! When it doubt, blame it on Mercury being in retrograde. As obvious as it was, the joke went right over some people’s heads.

chrissy teigen trolling

Image: Instagram/@brooklyndecker

It’s not tuna, honey. It’s a joke. Just a joke.

We’re glad to see a couple of celebrities having a bit of good fun on their own social media accounts. Because those comment sections are usually a dumpster fire of garbage. The change of pace was refreshing. Put your feet up, Brooklyn, and lay off the tuna.

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(Image: Facebook/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

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