Chris Meloni Goes Full Dad At Coachella And It’s Adorably Hilarious

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OMG DAD. So embarrassing! And also so goddamn sweet and adorable. Actor Chris Meloni braved the crowds at Coachella on weekend one, to spend some quality time with his 17-year-old daughter Sophia. First of all, thoughts and prayers for going through that, Chris. But secondly, that is so incredibly sweet! Coachella might be geared toward the youths, but that doesn’t mean us olds can’t go and semi-enjoy ourselves, right? Especially if that means spending time with your daughter, doing what she loves. The videos Chris posted from the music festival are very get-off-my-lawn, and VERY funny.

I haven’t been to Coachella in years, so I haven’t experienced the hipster haven that it’s become . But I imagine my reactions would be very similar to what Chris Meloni posted.

First of all, his wardrobe choices are A+. And I would go on a tour of anything with Detective Stabler. So let’s go, Chris.

He captioned this vid just “#ART”. I do not understand anything that is happening here.

Chris Meloni pointing out the one identifiable thing at the entire festival.

His deadpan expression KILLS ME. I could watch Chris Meloni do videos of just about anything.

“Dancing” LOL. Kids these days, am I right?

But then Chris witnessed the magic that was Beyonce’s performance on night two of the festival. And even Chris Meloni, Detective Stabler, stoic-faced and ironic videographer, could not help but pray at the altar of Queen Bey. Beychella happened that night, it happened to us all.

The sweetest part about Chris’s journey through Coachella/Beychella was that he did this all for his daughter. Seriously, what a stand-up dad.

I sort of hope we get a Chris Meloni video series of him going to places for the youths and bringing the experience to the masses. He didn’t say much in his videos, but his face said all we needed to know.

(Image: Instagram/@chris_meloni)