Celine Dion Launches Gender Neutral Kid’s Line

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Image: Celinununu

In our very objective eyes, Celine Dion can so absolutely no wrong. We’ve loved her since she was a young songbird, serenading us with her powerful voice. And don’t even get us STARTED on her hit song, “My Heart Will Go On”. It’s been nearly 21 years (!!!), and we still choke up as soon as we hear those flutes. So what we’re saying is, we stan for Celine. New CD? We’ll buy it. Las Vegas residency? Flights booked. Her newest venture is something we’re beyond excited for, and it has nothing to do with music. Celine announced the launch of a new gender neutral children’s clothing line called Celinununu. FINALLY! If you’re tired of the old pink and blue and yellow we’ve been force-fed for generations, then you are going to be all over this clothing line for your binary and non-binary kiddos. Seriously, it’s so good.

Celine Dion announced the line in a way that only Celine could: with a dramatic video shared on Twitter and then posted on the Celinununu website.

Celine plays a sort of modern-day fairy godmother. With a puff of black glitter, she transforms a hospital nursery into a gender neutral dream. It’s over-the-top, obviously, because Celine. But the actual message and mission of the company is absolutely spot-on. In the About section on the website, they say, “CELINUNUNU liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl, and enables younger people to grow on values of equality with the freedom to strengthen their own power of personality based on mutual respect.”

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According to Celine and co-founders Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg (of kid’s boutique nununu), “The brand flows on the axis between the values of education and empowering dialog. We believe that an educational experience is possible through children’s clothes, because fashion builds concepts deep within our minds and changes thought patterns. It can create equality, and grow the emotional intelligence that drives the practice of responsibility, freedom and flexibility of thought.” We just love that so much.

And you guys – the stuff is FANTASTIC. Just look at this New Order onesie and skull cap.

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Image: Celinununu

For older kids, they have so much cute stuff, like this Alphabet Dress/Tunic.

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Image: Celinununu

The pieces are just so COOL. Way cooler than we are. We could totally see our kids rocking this Ninja Shirt.

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Image: Celinununu

The pieces are bold with minimalistic prints and colors (think lots of black, gray, and neutral tones). And they’re priced well, with most pieces ranging from $20-90, with sized from infant to teen. The entire line is just what we needed, and what a lot of kids want! It’s all about letting the child be an individual, and forge their own path. We are all about that, Celine Dion, and we are so grateful to see a company that espouses the same values.

You can shop the entire line now, and with the holidays approaching, we imagine you’ll find tons of gifts for your gender neutral kiddos.