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A Trip To The Gyno Is Even Worse When You Have To Bring Your Kid

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5. Twenty questions, multiplied by infinity, plus vaginas.


What’s this? What’s that? What’s he doing? Why is he doing that? Where are we going? Mommy, is your vagina broken? The questions go on and on.

6. Humiliating confessions.


For some reason, kids always see the doctor as a good person with whom to randomly share stories about your flaws, faults, and how loudly you farted in the bathroom. Then once you leave the doctor, they’ll delight in telling everyone you went to see the vagina doctor because you have a sick vagina.

7. Snack-tastrophies!


Your kids will inevitably beg for a snack, and you will have one handy since you’re a rockstar mom. Unfortunately, because it’s a doctor’s office, it’s almost required for them to spill it everywhere.

8. The inevitable tantrum.


No matter how many books, snacks, games, and apps you have in your possession, eventually your kids are going to run out of patience and go insane. Just hope they do this at the end of the appointment rather than right when your doctor inserts the speculum.

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