This Woman Pumped Breast Milk At Burning Man So People Could Make Lattes

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It’s happened. We’ve finally reached peak Burning Man. This week at Burning Man, Thinx period underwear founder and self-described “She-E-O” (which is like a CEO, but for women, apparently) Miki Agrawal wore a breast pump around Burning Man so she could feed her breast milk to festivalgoers. The Burning Man attendees were thrilled.

This is the most Burning Man thing that has ever happened.

Agrawal wore her breast pump and hands-free pumping bra around Burning Man last week and she gave most of the milk away to other Burning Man people. People loved it. They made lattes with it. They shotgunned whole bottles of her breast milk in the hopes of curing a hangover.

In a lengthy Instagram post with lots of photos, Agrawal said she pumped every three hours during the festival. She passed out the milk bottles to other festivalgoers to raise awareness of the way motherhood works.

“So many people told me that they had no idea that I had to keep pumping every three hours because they didn’t know that breasts would become engorged and super painful if they were not pumped – nature’s way of keeping mama and baby working together,” she wrote. “It made me realize that most people (including me before I had Hiro) know very little about motherhood and birth and post-birth and that this needs to be mandatory learning for all humans. Every human has been birthed and raised somehow and yet even the smartest people have no idea what this process looks like.”

OK, the process doesn’t normally include lattes, desert sand, or Burning Man. One hopes Agrawal followed the CDC’s new guidelines for how to properly clean a breast pump after she got back from the desert festival.

Agrawal likes “breaking taboos”

Wearing a breast pump around Burning Man and serving people breast milk energy shots to demystify lactation is pretty on-brand for Agrawal. She famously boasts of “breaking taboos” and created her Thinx period underwear in part to demystify menstruation. She probably thinks this is very progressive. (Agrawal has been accused of sexual harassment for allegedly doing things like FaceTiming into work meetings while naked in bed, or even on the toilet. She was also accused of physically groping employees, asking them to show her their breasts, and sharing unsolicited nude photos of herself. She seems to think this is edgy, but sexual harassment doesn’t magically become a cute quirk when a woman does it.)

Agrawal even drank the breast milk herself when she ran out of water. She described it as tasting like coconut milk. It probably did make a tasty latte. Maybe her next tech startup will involve selling breast milk lattes to Silicon Valley bros.

Would you ever make breast milk lattes in the middle of a desert? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Instagram / Miki Agrawal)