This New Bird Box Challenge Is More Fun, And Less Dangerous

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This New Bird Box Challenge Is More Fun  And Less Dangerous BirdBox Unit 1 jpg

Image: Netflix

Since its premiere on Netflix, people have been talking about Bird Box. Because the characters spend most of the movie wearing blindfolds, it has become a viral sensation. So much so that Netflix was warning people to stop. Trying to do everyday activities wearing a blindfold is dangerous. But, there is another challenge coming from the movie. And this one is a lot safer. Makeup artists are creating original makeup looks with the movie as inspiration. Not only are these looks super on point, they’re stunning. Bird Box makeup is just like the film, strange and kind of amazing at the same time.

Some of these looks have incredible attention to detail. Beyond just representations of birds. They are tributes to the film itself. Including blindfolds, crying red eyes, and even Sandra Bullock. Seeing these designs show just how amazing makeup application really is. So far under the hashtag #birdboxmakeup, there are almost 1,000 posts. And while some of them are just beautiful birds, many are more haunting. Since the villains in the film prey on weakness, many of the looks play on the concept of haunting. And while some people are using real blindfolds, many are creating theirs with makeup for a seamless look.

These are just a few of our favorite looks from the Bird Box makeup challenge.

This is a mix of the birds in the film and also blindfold. All done with makeup!

How could you not be totally blown away by this tribute? There’s even a Sandra Bullock!

But this one is truly both beautiful and haunting. Absolutely incredible.

People trying to cross the street wearing blindfolds is silly and dangerous. But of course something like that goes viral. Because the internet loves watching people embarrassing themselves. And people will embarrass themselves for the sake of social media. It’s kind of why social media exists. But the Bird Box makeup challenge is way better. Unfortunately not everyone has the skills to participate. And that kind of sucks, because the fails could be entertaining too. But those of use will little to no skills with makeup will survive. Because we can still appreciate the beauty and detail these artists are using.

Which look is your favorite?