Have A Baby Like Beyonce: A Look Inside Her Maternity Suite

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Beyonce maternity suiteLenox Hill hospital is still looking into the allegations that parents were barred from seeing their babies after Beyonce, Jay-Z, and soon-to-be born Blue Ivy rolled up. And even though the State Health Department has officially dismissed complaints made against the hospital, this we do know. Beyonce’s executive maternity suite was far from humble, with all the amenities you would expect for a celebrity mother.

TMZ released some photos of the Grammy winner’s birthing quarters and we’re talking four flat-screen televisions, big comfy couches, extra beds for snoozing family members, a kitchenette, and some sleek design.

Contrary to your suspicions, TMZ reports that the suite was not designed specifically for Bey herself — which means that you too, humble non celebrity birthing woman can occupy this room for the handsome fee of a private suite.

Recently, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stepped in to comment on the diva’s private security and luxury accommodations, defending hospitals use of private suites for patients.

While her use of plush couches and and big screen TVs is hardly what parents are disputing, a peek inside the singer’s room reveals what most mothers would ideally want on that special day.



  1. NotThumper

    January 12, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Eh, I’m not impressed. Quite frankly the room is nice for everyone else, the birthing mother is still stuck in the small hospital bed. I’d prefer to be in any position I choose in a normal bed that was large enough for my husband to be on there with me for support.

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