20 of the Best Halloween Movies for Kids

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October is the perfect month for binge-watching scary movies. From zombie flicks to horror classics, there are enough scary movies out there to watch at least two a day (if you have that kind of time). But we don’t want young kids to feel left out! While your children might be too young for Halloween┬áor Nightmare on Elm Street, there are plenty of spooky movies that are kid-appropriate.

Here are 20 of the best Halloween movies for kids to watch this month, so they can get into the spooky holiday spirit, too!

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1. Hocus Pocus (The best of all Halloween movies for kids, in our humble opinion)

The Sanderson sisters are awakened after a long slumber to wreak havoc on Halloween. This movie is funny, slightly spooky, and has Bette Midler in it, so it’s basically perfect.

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