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Movies For Moms: ‘Afternoon Delight’ Is So NOT Delightful

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I am sure you can see where this is heading. Rachel goes to her lady wine party and gets crunk and talks a lot about her previous abortions and meanwhile her man and the other men get crunk and smoke some weed and McKenna coms downstairs and lap dances everyone and it’s all hugely uncomfy even when she slips off her dress but none of the dudes care because she is YOUNG AND HOT AND NAKED AND WRITHING and also bringing them cocktails. Until she takes the husband of the Jewish harpie FRENEMY into her nanny room and bones him and the frenemy catches them and gets all mad at her husband and McKenna announces WHAT DO YOU EXPECT I’M A SEX WORKER AND YOU KNEW I COULDN’T CONTROL MYSELF BONING EVERYONE.

End of movie.

No, some other shit happens and Rachel throws McKenna out and her husband and her have this giant fight in the driveway in front of their whole kid and the entire neighborhood because this is what you do in Silver Lake and the husband moves out and McKenna is still a SEX WORKER and Rachel and her husband start boning on the reg and she makes up with all the sanctimommies and the next day I rent Dallas Buyer’s Club which is a much better movie.

I mean, yeah, I still love Hahn and I’m glad Soloway made a movie about women and moms and housewives but this movie has no basis in reality, is deeply stigmatizing to women, moms and sex workers, and everyone looked really dirty in it.

Plus, it was just deeply unrealistic.

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