One Of Many Advertisers To Drop Rush Limbaugh Awesomely Cites His Daughters

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UPDATE: ThinkProgress is reporting that 11 advertisers have dropped Rush Limbaugh.

So far, we’re looking at a whopping seven advertisers who have pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh‘s programming following his three-day tirade over how Sandra Fluke is such a “slut” and a “prostitute.” And while it’s hardly news that this particular conservative entertainer blasted an articulate young woman advocating for government mandated birth control coverage, Rush’s comments have nationally struck a nerve. During the course of last week, it seems that the nation suddenly awoke to the rampant misogyny that often awaits women and girls with unpopular opinions in the public sphere. But even after Rush released an apology asking the public to dismiss his woman-bashing as humorous, the company Carbonite nevertheless pulled their ads.  It appears that for David Friend, the CEO of Carbonite, calling young women “sluts” and “prostitutes” doesn’t fly particularly because he is a father of two girls.

In a statement, David Friend cited his own daughters when announcing his company’s pulled advertisements, and also put the question to all those parents out there who have little girls of their own:

“No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke, and I have two, could possibly abide the insult and abuse heaped upon this courageous and well-intentioned young lady. Mr. Limbaugh, with his highly personal attacks on Miss Fluke, overstepped any reasonable bounds of decency. Even though Mr. Limbaugh has now issued an apology, we have nonetheless decided to withdraw our advertising from his show. We hope that our action, along with the other advertisers who have already withdrawn their ads, will ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse.”

While I respect the space from which David made this decision — that of fatherhood — it is worth mentioning that every woman is someone’s daughter — clearly. And that although David was able to trace his distaste for these sorts of comments to his own family, this type of slander should concern everyone regardless of whether they happen to have little girls at home or not. After all, if you’re hoping to raise sons who will engage with women in a respectful manner — whether romantically or professionally — this type of slander is very hurtful to them as well.

The blustering Rush Limbaugh may have gone after a young woman in a highly sexist and derogatory fashion, but he is obviously not alone in the way he chooses to attack women who carry different values than his own. The usage of “slut” is pervasive as evidenced in everything from our very own comment threads to modern television — as is the practice of slut-shaming. Rush is certainly headache-inducing with his style of delivery, but his slander on women is not unique to his on-air persona or even his political affiliation. Words like “slut” and “whore” get thrown at daughters and women regardless of how those perpetrators vote — and by even self-identified “progressive” individuals as well as other women. [tagbox tag=”slut-shaming”]

Rush Limbaugh should be taken to task for calling Sarah Fluke a “slut” because she could very well be anyone’s daughter. And CEO David Friend seems to have recognized that possibility in severing professional ties with the radio host. But many people, regardless of their political affiliation, bombastic character, or manner of speech will most likely call your daughter a “slut” one day — and they should certainly be taken to task as well.



  1. Jen

    March 5, 2012 at 9:33 am

    My husband and I were discussing this the other night and he made an interesting point. While he has never been anti-feminist, he never really paid too much attention to the pervasive use of this sort of language and these anti-women attitudes until our daughter was born. While he might not have agreed with Limbaugh before, he had never really thought about things like slut-shaming and how they effect societies views and treatment of women.

    I think it’s important that we teach men about the damage this kind of language and this mindset does to women every day and that we challenge them to think a bit more critically about the sort of behavior and “humor” they find acceptable. I’ve been actively continuing this discussion with my husband as well as several of my male friends who have always considered themselves both liberals and feminists, but who had never really thought about how “humor” aimed at belittling women is just as inappropriate and harmful as more overt and less “funny” forms of misogyny.

    • The One Who Knows

      March 7, 2012 at 8:36 am

      “I think it’s important that we teach men about the damage this kind of language and this mindset does to women every day and that we challenge them to think a bit more critically about the sort of behavior and “humor” they find acceptable”

      Curiosity begs this question: who will teach women the same thing about men? The continuity of male-bashing goes unaddressed, yet women scream about being insulted (and rightly so). The fence has two sides. You cannot support one without verbally and motivationally supporting the other.

      And THAT’S The Final Word.

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  3. Sally

    March 5, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Nice turn-around from the real issue. This is not a wonam’s health issue. Any woman who has a real helath issue that need birth control pills would be given those. It is a CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUE. There is no constitutional mandate for me to pick up the tab for someones life style. There is an constitutional mandate – the FIRST AMENDMENT – that states that the government shall not interfere with my right to practice my religion. And that goes for the Catholic Church.
    If Ms Fluke want birth control so that she can enjoy her lifestyle then she should find the nearest Planned Parenthood. They already give it out free as spnsored by the government.

    • Frances

      March 5, 2012 at 10:35 am

      If only it were that simple. YES, women DO get turned away from medically necessary birth control if their insurance doesn’t cover it and they can’t afford it. I was one of those women as an 18 and 19 year old college student.

      Also, this is NOT a lifestyle issue. I use birth control now, as a married woman because I enjoy sex with my husband and I don’t want anymore children right now. And I a whore?

      How naive of you to think that every woman has easy access to Planned Parenthood. I’m guessing you live in an urban area so you have no idea how difficult it would be for someone who lives 100 miles away from the nearest clinic. Either that or you’re dumb.

      I don’t know how I feel about the issue at hand. I do agree that, however abhorrent I believe your religion to be, you shouldn’t be forced into something you truly believe to be wrong. But there MUST be a safety net for women, and this practice of shooting down every opinion a woman has by calling her a whore, a slut or a bitch needs to end.

    • LoveyDovey

      March 5, 2012 at 10:41 am

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. First off, if you’d paid any attention to what Ms. Fluke said, she WAS arguing for medical use- her friend lost an ovary because she couldn’t get birth control pills to help her PCOS. Second, the government is NOT interfering with your right to freedom of religion, thus the workaround in the birth control mandate so women can get birth control even if their employer or school does not want to on religious grounds. Third, PP does hand out condoms and such, but things like the pill, patch or shot are NOT free. And this isn’t even touching the fact that you’re also slut-shaming by assuming Ms. Fluke is begging for free reign to be sexual. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

      This is an issue that should stay between a person and their doctor.

    • Ellie

      March 5, 2012 at 10:43 am

      Good thing Viagra isn’t covered either. Oh wait – it is. You’re already paying for that. This IS the point. Both are medications prescribed to handle medical issues, and that should be covered. Period. Religion or sexual bigotry should not be entering into this. Unfortunately for some reason our society allows this persecution of women.

    • Kelly

      March 5, 2012 at 10:46 am

      It seems to me though, the real issue is the arbitrary decision on whether or not the prescription is covered. And I believe that by saying your First Amendment rights are protected, then those same rights are granted to others. You have every right to disagree with the use of birth control, but you sound seriously misinformed. The First Amendment not only provides you with the ability to practice your religion, it also also states the government will not act in a way that promotes or give preference to one religion over another. This means that just because you have the right to belong to a religion that condemns the use of birth control, others have the right to use because it does not conflict with their beliefs.

      “If Ms Fluke want birth control so that she can enjoy her lifestyle then she should find the nearest Planned Parenthood.”

      That’s a rather neatly hidden derogatory insinuation – that her lifestyle must mandate the use of birth control. Even if it does, for whatever reason, that is none of your business. Just as it is none of anyone’s business what goes on in your bedroom.

      Planned Parenthood is a health care provider, yes, but does not exist in every single town, in every single state. And no, it is not free in every case – their fees are on a sliding scale, based on income.

    • JLynn Cincinnati

      March 5, 2012 at 10:55 am

      Limbaugh turned it around from the real issue when he personally attacked this girl. With all his years of experience he should have been able to articulate that point of view without calling her names. He was more interested in ratings and publicity than the issue. I can only assume you have less political experience than Rush and yet your very quick comment was better articulated than his. If he were remotely interested in furthering the conservative agenda he would focus on that…not calling a girl with a different view nasty names.

    • Mich

      March 7, 2012 at 12:52 am

      Please, before you start quoting the Constitution, read it, study it, and learn it.

      “any woman who has a real health issue that need (sic) birth control pills would be given those(sic).”. – False. From personal experience, the charge for pills whether used for contraceptive or medicinal purposes, is the same.

      The government uses tax payer money in a variety of ways, some which may be unsavory or against someone’s religion – war, death penalty, bailouts, welfare, etc. Its amazing to me that people think they are “bankrolling” someone else’s lifestyle with the piddly amount they pay in taxes.

    • Leigha7

      August 10, 2013 at 1:15 am

      “There is no constitutional mandate for me to pick up the tab for someones life style.”

      Right, that’s why no one who’s opposed to the war has to pay the portion of taxes that go towards the defense budget. Those who are against public schools also don’t have to pay the portion of taxes that goes toward education.

      If you think birth control pills for medical purposes are handled any differently than those for contraceptive purposes (or that many women aren’t using them for both, simultaneously), you’re either naive or deliberately obtuse. As far as the insurance company is concerned, birth control pills are birth control pills. They either cover them or they don’t. They don’t care why you want to take them.

      Also, if you’re okay with the supposedly free, government-funded birth control Planned Parenthood gives out, why wouldn’t you be okay with insurance paying for it? You do realize that the money from insurance doesn’t come from taxes, right? It comes from people paying for insurance coverage. That means, if birth control is covered by insurance, LESS money comes out of your taxes than it does if it’s government-funded.

      The fact of the matter is, people PAY for insurance. It’s unfair for them to have to pay for an insurance policy that refuses to cover one of the most basic prescriptions in existence (given the role the pill played in allowing women to enter the work force, and the role it plays in many women’s lives by allowing them to not have to suffer through painful, long, heavy, or irregular periods). We don’t have much flexibility to choose insurance policies in this country–most people are stuck with either whatever they can get from work or whatever they can afford. If the options available to you don’t cover birth control, then you’re just tough out of luck, especially if you’re one of the many women who doesn’t live anywhere near a Planned Parenthood and doesn’t have the ability to spend $120 on a doctor’s appointment and $30-70/month on a prescription.

  4. Mike

    March 5, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    This lady in no young girl, she is 30 years old. She was the past President of a group called Law Students for Reproductive Justice. What is the agenda of this group? There is more than meets the eye with regard to this poor “girl” Sandra Fluke. Let’s look at her true motivations and put aside Limbaugh’s comments for a moment. In one of her first interviews she is quoted as talking about how she reviewed Georgetown’s insurance policy prior to committing to attend, and seeing that it didn’t cover contraceptive services, she decided to attend with the express purpose of battling this policy. During this time, she was described as a 23-year-old coed. Magically, at the same time Congress is debating the forced coverage of contraception, she appears and is even brought to Capitol Hill to testify. Then, in an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, it was revealed that she is 30 years old, NOT the 23 that had been reported all along. Let’s stop accepting the lefts narrative of a poor young defenseless coed fresh off the farm who just happened to wind up in the middle of a controversy just because she demands that the university buy her birth control pills. She is a left wing activist, nothing more, nothing less. I also do not accept her story of a “friend” that lost an ovary because she couldn’t get birth control pills. What is the woman’s name? Where and when did this happen? Oh no, don’t ask any questions, just accept at face value anything someone says because they think like you.

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  6. Jaye

    March 6, 2012 at 7:40 am

    Pretty sure her name is Sandra, not Sarah. You might want to fix that. Limbaugh couldn’t get her name right, either.

  7. Ed

    March 6, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Wow! Carbonite CEO David Friend says he has 2 daughters who also need $1000 worth of contraceptives that someone else should pay for?Go get some from those 2 babes, guys. (hey, he brought his family into this.)

    • Kelly

      March 6, 2012 at 10:34 am

      Ignorant and thoughtless comments should be disregarded, but I feel compelled to respond to your stupidity.

      He, as all of us should, felt that it was wildly inappropriate to call a woman a slut and say she is a prostitute for the purpose of fanning the flames of publicity. Rush Limbaugh likely doesn’t give a damn about this woman, her choices, or other women’s choices, but simply wanted to be a flagrant as possibly and draw more attention to himself. He has apparently succeeded, once again making this all about him.

    • Jen

      March 6, 2012 at 10:36 am

      Awww….sweetie, comprehension skills are hard, huh? It’s ok, one day you’ll learn how to use your brain for more than just being an insulting meathead, mmmkay.

      If you are going to ignore the fact that INSURANCE COMPANIES that we slutty slut sluts pay premiums to are the ones that COVER BC (you know like how they cover those damn elderly people’s heart and blood pressure meds after the old people give them several hundred dollars a month–f’ing oldsters) and that religious fanatics want to prevent INSURANCE COMPANIES from providing low or no cost BC to women (which is in their best interest financially since pregnancy and babies are expensive) it’s really not worth arguing with you.

      I hope you enjoy your fantasy world…I’m quite certain that is the only place ANY person with self respect and any kind of gag reflex is able to physically interact with you.

    • Jen

      March 6, 2012 at 10:53 am

      I need to add something because I am getting SOOO tired of the stupidity. NO ONE IS ASKING FOR TAXPAYERS TO COVER BIRTH CONTROL YOU GOD DAMN MORONS! Seriously, I know that anyone who seriously listens to either the Catholic Bishops Conference or Rush Limbaugh, especially on this issue, is incapable of even basic comprehension skills, but still.


      1) Religious institutions are ALREADY EXEMPT from providing BC coverage. Obama’s initial plan was only going to effect offshoots of religious institutions like institutes of higher education (so not even grade schools), hospitals, etc. After the initial outcry that was ALSO changed and instead women who work for those places are allowed to receive coverage through the insurance plans. The plans CAN NOT charge the institutions for this, but they don’t care because while 1,000 is A LOT of money–and insurance plans don’t usually pay that much because they pay out to the pharmacy whatever they damn well please, true story–it is significantly MORE expensive to pay for a pregnancy, labor and delivery and a new baby. Religious institutions got what they wanted and then moved the field goal, first saying they didn’t want to pay for it and now saying they don’t want it covered AT ALL for anyone who works for any place affiliated with a church group.

      2) Women pay money into these insurance companies and have a RIGHT to have their necessary medication as prescribed by a doctor covered. More than half of all women on BC use the pill for more than just contraceptive. Ovarian cysts, painful periods and a host of other health problems are treated with the hormone therapy found in the pill. Anyone who knows anything about how insurance companies work knows that we women are paying for things like viagra and propicia for men through our premiums just like men are helping to pay for BC through theirs. It’s the way the system works!

      3) The government has every right to regulate what insurance companies do pay for, because if they didn’t insurance companies would be even bigger a-holes than they currently are. I have worked in the pharmacy field and I have seen elderly people making the choice between paying for their blood pressure meds and paying for their dinner. The BC debate is part of a larger movement by the current administration to regulate insurance companies and force them to actually pay out for the services they make bags of money from. Conservatives are framing this debate around BC because they know that calling women sluts is the easiest way to distract from the fact that they are actually also supporting starving grandma.

      4) Ed, it’s interesting that you went after the CEO’s daughters in a sexual way. I presume that you are either writing from prison or from your very sad one bedroom apartment. Either way I am quite sure that no self respecting human being with even a bit of a gag reflex comes anywhere near you.

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  9. savagenation

    August 7, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Who are BIG SLUTS TOO? Any liberated womyn who thinks they need even a GRAND to pay for B.C.’s for a year, when anyone knows pills are what, like ten or twenty bucks for like 3 months worth from Planned Infanticide, is dumber than they think Rush is.
    They wouldn’t need BC anyway, because NO form of birth control is going to keep that dummy from getting PG. Sorry, you can NOT fix THAT LEVEL OF STUPID.

    Whether it’s Birth Control, or Abortion, or Domestic or Gay Partner “equal rights”.
    Admit it, the REAL, and ONLY issue is what BENNIES can you get from THE MAN.
    You may think some people are stupid, but many of us grew up around the rad lib pressure politics in places like Berkeley, and S.F. You can’t get over on everyone.

  10. Leigha7

    August 10, 2013 at 1:12 am

    Birth control pills are $20/month from the Planned Parenthood here, plus $70 for the appointment to prescribe them. If you can’t get all the way to Planned Parenthood every month to refill the prescription (which a lot of women can’t, considering how many live 50+ miles away), it’s about $35/month at a pharmacy. That’s about $500/year, and that’s for generic. Not every woman can take any and all kind of pills (some get side effects from certain kinds), and some brands can cost $70+ a month. If you have to take one of those, you’re looking at $900/year.

    Nice try, though.

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