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Your Work Husband Is Ruining Your Marriage

Your Work Husband Is Ruining Your Marriage

Have you heard of a work husband before? Maybe you have one. For me, a work husband brings me back to the adorable pre-romance of Jim and Pam on The Office: Opposite sex office best friends that spend all of their time together without any strings attached. Well, spoiler alert—Jim and Pam ended up married with two kids, which puts the whole notion of the “work husband” to shame. More »

I’m #DoingItAll And It’s Getting Me Absolutely Nowhere

I'm #DoingItAll And It's Getting Me Absolutely Nowhere

If it’s not losing sleep battling my kid’s croup, it’s dealing with the other’s separation anxiety. If it’s not worrying how to pay the bills we have coming in, it’s making drastic changes in an attempt to live a more normal life. There are no vacations, no lucky breaks, never enough self-care in the world to keep up with this life. I feel like I’m #DoingItAll to get ahead but all the while I’m spinning on the hamster wheel of life. More »