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Evening Feeding: I Can’t Always Protect My Children

Evening Feeding: I Can't Always Protect My Children

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Promise You’ll Never Ever Go In A Tanning Bed Again

Promise Youâll Never Ever Go In A Tanning Bed Again

Tanning beds, like cigarettes, are dangerous and everyone knows it, yet some people still indulge because tans are sexy and because they can. We are constantly hearing statistics about cancer, yet people still get naked in artificial sun sarcophagi like they’re somehow invincible. Disregarding statistics is understandable because numbers are mostly boring, but personal accounts of horror stories induced by risky choices are far more persuasive. I’ve never been in a tanning bed and I never planned on going in one, but I just read about this woman who developed a rare form of eye cancer from reckless tanning bed use and now I sort of hope those death traps get banned. More »

The 9 Types Of Parents You’ll Meet At Your Neighborhood’s Egg Hunt

The 9 Types Of Parents Youâll Meet At Your Neighborhoodâs Egg Hunt

When our family lived in apartments, I was extremely jealous of the house-dwellers in their master-planned communities with their master-planned community events. Not content to simply go trick-or-treating at the mall with the rest of the huddled masses, I started to sneak into communities where I knew I wouldn’t be found out as a plebian; with some neighborhoods in Texas boasting close to 1000 homes in a single subdivision, I would choose the later phases and dare anybody to ask me my address. (Something Something Ranch Drive. There’s one in every neighborhood) More »

Morning Feeding: How I Really Feel About Being A Mom

Morning Feeding: How I Really Feel About Being A Mom

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Evening Feeding: Lessons Learned In The First Few Years Of Parenting

Evening Feeding: Lessons Learned In The First Few Years Of Parenting

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Morning Feeding: The Last Baby

Morning Feeding: The Last Baby

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Evening Feeding: Easter Morning Surprises For Your Kids

Evening Feeding: Easter Morning Surprises For Your Kids

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James Franco Allegedly Tried To Meet Up With A Teen Girl Via Instagram, So That’s Not Creepy At All

James Franco Allegedly Tried To Meet Up With A Teen Girl Via Instagram, So Thatâs Not Creepy At All

So in today’s I just don’t even know what, an alleged conversation between James Franco and a seventeen-year-old teen named Lucy is making the rounds, and it looks an awful lot like he’s trying to meet up for God knows what. He’s not flat out denying anything, and for all we know, this is some bizarro experiment he cooked up for his next “art” project, or homework for some fake degree he’s pursuing. It’s James fucking Franco. More »