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Stop Commenting On My Daughter’s Size, Because She’s Listening

Stop Commenting On My Daughter's Size, Because She's Listening

It happens everywhere we go – at preschool, the mall, the doctor’s office, the kid’s gym we visit to check out for her birthday party. It starts with someone eyeing my sweet daughter, looking her up and down. Then they turn to me. “How old is she?”
I can see them working things out in their brain. I know what’s they’re thinking before they do, and it fills me with a heated rage. More »

Morning Feeding: Robin Williams’ Kids Are Trying To Stay Strong

Morning Feeding: Robin Williams' Kids Are Trying To Stay Strong

Robin Williams’ kids are still trying to stay strong after his death -The Frisky

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Cheatsgiving: 8 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids That Gratitude Is More Important Than Gifts

Cheatsgiving: 8 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids That Gratitude Is More Important Than Gifts

You’ve been hearing Christmas music since the day after Halloween. Your kids have either already finished their Christmas lists or have done away with lists entirely, instead just shouting “I want that!” at every commercial or Toys ‘R Us flyer that arrives in the mail. Thanksgiving, just around the corner, has somehow morphed from a day of, you know, giving thanks to a capitalist “Hunger Games” in which you are expected to fight sleep deprivation and crowds of angry strangers for all the best toys. More »

7 Ways To Toddler-Proof Your Christmas Tree

7 Ways To Toddler-Proof Your Christmas Tree

When I had kids, one of the things I was most excited about was watching them experience the magic of holidays traditions. And then they got mobile and suddenly my goal was survival, not style. Still, you shouldn’t have to be a total Grinch on Christmas. Here’s seven hacks to keep your Christmas tree upright and your toddler alive. More »

Evening Feeding: A ‘Miracle Baby’ Was Born At Just 23 Weeks Old

Evening Feeding: A 'Miracle Baby' Was Born At Just 23 Weeks Old

A “miracle baby” was born at just 23 weeks old -Newser

Please: turn your phone off when you’re with the family this Thanksgiving -The Frisky

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Weirdly enough, Demi Lovato almost touched Kate Middleton’s baby bump -Crushable

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