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Evening Feeding: 25 Beauty Hacks Moms Need To Know

Evening Feeding: 25 Beauty Hacks Moms Need To Know

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How Getting Punched In The Face By A Stranger Restored My Faith in Humanity

How Getting Punched In The Face By A Stranger Restored My Faith in Humanity

Last weekend a stranger punched me in the face for no reason and broke my eye socket. I was walking in one direction and he was walking in the other, and as our paths crossed, he punched me. While I’ve feared many things since moving to New York several years ago, this was not of them. Sure, getting attacked was always an option. But in a subway station at night. Or on a quiet side street. Even traveling home while drunk. But not at 6 PM on a crowded street when it’s still sunny out. Not when I was walking through my own neighborhood that I’d walked through hundreds of time. And most certainly not when I’d watched every episode of SVU and thought I’d seen all the ways you could get attacked in New York City. Random assault in broad daylight was certainly not one of them. More »

13 Fashion Mistakes You Made At 13

13 Fashion Mistakes You Made At 13

Being a teenager was a wonderfully awkward time. In addition to the chaperoned dances and pointless school courses (hello: geography), you probably had your fair share of style mishaps. Since you were just learning about makeup, you made a few beauty mistakes too. You thought glitter should be an essential part of your makeup routine and you had 50 butterfly clips you decorated your ponytail with, among other more serious tween hair disasters. You weren’t entirely at fault for your questionable choices because you styled your outfits around cartoon characters. Though they were very fashionable, the looks didn’t work that well in real life.
More »

Morning Feeding: Don’t Be Fooled By “All Natural” Label

Morning Feeding: Don't Be Fooled By "All Natural" Label

6 tips for not being fooled by the “all natural” food label -Babble

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Evening Feeding: Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Her First Child

Evening Feeding: Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Her First Child

Today show anchor Savannah Guthrie welcomes her first child -Celeb Baby Scoop

16 lies moms of toddlers always tell themselves -The Stir

Why you need a bedtime, too

Kristin Cavallari loves having kids -Celeb Baby Laundry

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North West Tries To Keep Up With The Kardashian’s Money Making By Modeling

North West Tries To Keep Up With The Kardashian's Money Making By Modeling

They’re putting the little Kardashians to work almost straight out of the womb. At the tender age of one, North West has made her solo modeling debut in Carine Roitfeld‘s CR Fashion Book magazine. And no doubt made parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, proud. (And grandma Kris Jenner very happy to have a new cash cow, err, a new screensaver photo.) The image was posted on the magazine’s website, as a preview for the fifth issue. The photograph was shot by Michael Avedon, the same photographer who shot Audrey Hepburn‘s granddaughter. More »

Morning Feeding: Clever Storage Ideas For Your Child’s Room

Morning Feeding: Clever Storage Ideas For Your Child's Room

8 clever storage ideas for your child’s bedroom -Babble

What your child will learn in preschool

Kids can now go to a gentrification-themed summer camp -The Frisky

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Evening Feeding: Blake Lively Wants Kids ASAP

Evening Feeding: Blake Lively Wants Kids ASAP

Blake Lively can’t wait to have kids -Celeb Baby Scoop

6 surprisingly useful parenting tips from dog trainers -The Stir

Ditch the mom jeans for these great maternity denim trends

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Remembering Lauren Bacall And Her Impeccable Elegance

Remembering Lauren Bacall And Her Impeccable Elegance

Lauren Bacall became an icon like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Photographs of her from 60 years ago look as fabulous today as they did when they were originally published. She exuded a natural elegance and innate flare for fashion that today’s crop tops and hipster looks cannot compete with. She was part of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and try as we might, we never seen to be able to recapture its essence now, which is why stars like Lauren will continue to fascinate us. Lauren lit up the screen in her roles in classic films like Shock Treatment, How To Marry A Millionaire and The Big Sleep, and was equally ravishing off-camera. To remember Lauren Bacall, we take a look back at her timeless style from films and her real life. More »

Morning Feeding: Understanding Your Baby’s Body Language

Morning Feeding: Understanding Your Baby's Body Language

Understanding your baby’s body language

Women need a pap smear to be a teacher in Sao Paulo -The Frisky

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Evening Feeding: Getting Real About Sex-Ed

Evening Feeding: Getting Real About Sex-Ed

Parents need to get real about sex-ed -The Frisky

This awesome mom made her own diverse back-to-school ads -HuffPo Parents

Moms spend more on their kid’s clothing than their own -Babble

This woman proposed to her husband and not just because she’s a feminist -YourTango

Secrets to great sex after the baby-

Neil Patrick Harris shares adorable picture of daughter -Celebrity Baby Scoop

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Here’s Why It Matters That Some Fox News Host Says Michelle Obama Needs To Lose Weight

Hereâs Why It Matters That Some Fox News Host Says Michelle Obama Needs To Lose Weight

Even though it’s not hard to find blatant sexism in the liberal media, it’s especially dime-a-dozen on Fox News. Having seen some of the most successful women in politics reduced to Shrill Bitches or Fat Uggos over and over again, it shouldn’t be that surprising to me that an old white dude would have something to say about Michelle Obama‘s body on the air. Still, this comment from Keith Ablow has thoroughly pissed me off. More »