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8 Reasons ‘Luxury Mommy And Me Retreats’ Are Divorced From Reality

8 Reasons 'Luxury Mommy And Me Retreats' Are Divorced From Reality

Vacation becomes something of a chore once kids are involved. More than once I’ve returned from a “relaxing” family trip and uttered the tired line, “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.” That’s probably because I’m one of the poors, though, and I can’t afford a luxury getaway like Maria Rocco‘s Me And Mom in Tuscany retreat. Yes, that’s right: you can take your kids to Tuscany for a special mommy and me getaway. More »

8 Super Weird Things Only Moms Understand

8 Super Weird Things Only Moms Understand

Thank God the world is made up of so many mothers- mothers who work in the check-out line at the grocery store, mothers who ride on airplanes, mothers who teach at my child’s school and mothers who deliver my mail. If I wasn’t constantly surrounded by a sea of women who also have coffee-stained shirts hidden under blazers or sweatshirts and pink hair-ties hiding under their locks, I’d be in a pretty rough spot. More »