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The Five Stages You Should Worry About More Than The Terrible Two’s

The Five Stages You Should Worry About More Than The Terrible Two's

The phrase “terrible two’s” has been part of our parenting vernacular for decades and there is some truth to it. For both of my children, it was a difficult age for various reasons and I was eager to see it go. Part of that might have been the hype about how awful two-year old’s can be because now looking back, it was far from the worst stage. There are so many other stages after (and in hindsight, before) that are so much worse. More »

Mommyish’s Definitive Guide To The Best Infant Halloween Costumes

Mommyish's Definitive Guide To The Best Infant Halloween Costumes

In last week’s Open Thread, we asked readers to report their favorite baby Halloween costumes, and we’ve rounded up the results to present to you the Official Mommyish List of the best and most toe-clenchingly adorable costumes out there. The only downside of this list is that Amazon baby models, while still admittedly cute, are only 37% as cute as the spawn of real, live Mommyish readers, so you should go peruse the comments of the Open Thread ASAP. Yeah, you might have work you want to accomplish today, but is it really as important as looking at cute pictures of babies? More »

The Disgusting Aftermath Of Catching My Son’s Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease

The Disgusting Aftermath Of Catching My Son's Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease

One of the crazy things about having a baby, from my perspective, is the experience of getting sick. You just have to give in and not care that you feel like crap. It’s partly a result of mommy martyrdom (“I’d rather be sick than have my child suffer”), partly selfish (“I’d rather be sick than deal with a screaming, sick baby all night”) and partly a complete inability to remain free and clear of a tiny person’s bodily fluids. You might as well just accept that you’re going to catch whatever disgusting fecal-born illness your kid brought home from day care because you’ve spent the day elbow-deep in it. That’s how I caught the Coxsackie virus, better known as Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. (And jokingly referred to in my house as hoof and mouth disease, mainly because it’s what all your childless friends will think you mean when you tell them you have it.) More »

I Can’t Stop Projecting My Elementary School Loneliness Onto My Kids

I Canât Stop Projecting My Elementary School Loneliness Onto My Kids

I didn’t have a great time in school (What? An overweight, handicapped girl with horrible acne? I don’t believe it!) I was never very good at making friends, and was often lonely. Now, my kids have reached the stage I have been dreading since the day they were born — elementary school. And even though they are both fine, I can’t stop projecting my school experience onto them. More »

I’m Anti-Antibiotics, Until My Kid Gets Sick

I'm Anti-Antibiotics, Until My Kid Gets Sick

I am not a mom who rushes to the doctor at the first sign of illness, and I think we have a big national (and international) problem with how liberally antibiotics are handed out over a small child’s slightest sniffle. I’m a big proponent of the “let it run its course” school of treating most minor childhood illnesses. So how the hell did I end up with an antibiotic prescription for my ten-month-old son? More »

I Didn’t Cry On My Son’s First Day of Kindergarten

I Didnât Cry On My Sonâs First Day of Kindergarten

n Canada, most schools start on the first week of September. So, naturally, back to school stuff starts circulating in about mid-July, about three weeks after school lets out for the summer. Never too early, right? This year, back to school had more meaning for me than in years past: this year, for the first time, one of my kids was heading off to kindergarten. Ben was excited (and I was too) when we started seeing the first signs of back to school sales floating around. More »

10 Reasons You Are Suffering From Mom Guilt This Week

10 Reasons You Are Suffering From Mom Guilt This Week

Mom guilt. It is so insidious and can creep up on you when you least expect it. Whether it’s an innocent question from your little one that stirs up feelings of yuck (“Momma, why you so grumpy at me?”) or thoughts of inadequacy spurred on by the extreme mothering of the Pinterest- perfect crowd (ugh, quit it with the crafting already) I can guarantee there were moments in the last week where you had twinges of mom guilt. More »

There Is No ‘Right Age’ For A Babysitter

There Is No 'Right Age' For A Babysitter

We have yet to hire a babysitter outside of our family and regular daycare providers. We don’t go out a whole ton but we are fortunate that my parents or brother typically say yes when we need a babysitter. This is mostly a cost-saving measure as well as a way of ensuring our kids get some quality time with their grandparents or uncle. However, if and when we do hire someone outside of family I don’t know that I have a particular age in mind as much as a particular level of responsibility and trust-worthiness. I really believe there is no “right age” for a babysitter. More »