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New Expose On What The Nanny Thinks Makes Me Happy I Don’t Have A Nanny

New Expose On What The Nanny Thinks Makes Me Happy I Don't Have A Nanny

Hurray! It’s time for another interview from Fashion Week Daily where they talk to asshole people and we all then go to talk about what sort of assholes they are. Yay! Last time they interviewed a super rich Hamptons housewife, and this time they anonymously interviewed a nanny for a super rich Southampton housewife. Yay for lifestyles of the rich and I’m-so-glad-I’m-not-these-people! More »

Our Housewife Lives Are Exactly Nothing Like This Super-Rich ‘Hamptons Housefrau’

Our Housewife Lives Are Exactly Nothing Like This Super-Rich 'Hamptons Housefrau'

The people I live with have pretty much everything we need and I know there are moms out there who are stressing about their water bill and insurance costs and if you are like me, you don’t have a butler. And maybe it’s because the sun isn’t even up yet and my 100 percent organic cotton skirt is sticking to my thighs because it is so FREAKING HOT already in my house that this interview with a self-proclaimed ‘Hamptons Housefrau’ is making my blood all kinda boil-y. More »

Michelle Obama’s Speech At Bowie State University Fails To Obliterate Black-White Wealth Gap

Michelle Obama's Speech At Bowie State University Fails To Obliterate Black-White Wealth Gap

Michelle Obama recently gave a commencement speech at Bowie State University in which she laments the fact that so many young black people aspire to be sports stars and rappers instead of pursuing mentally challenging careers. She blames it primarily on a lack of personal motivation. Given the setting, I think her speech, though maybe a little cliched, was appropriate. This wasn’t an inauguration speech, guys, it was a commencement speech. And what’s a commencement speech without a little cheese? More »

Mom Used Kickstarter And Her Son’s Bullying To Pay For Her Daughter’s Gaming Camp

Mom Used Kickstarter And Her Son's Bullying To Pay For Her Daughter's Gaming Camp

I have an 8-year-old daughter who has older brothers. My daughter likes gaming. Her older brothers encourage her and play with her, and my first issue with this whole thing is that if you have a young daughter who is being bullied in her own house and told by her big brothers that she is incapable of doing something because of her gender, as your mom it is YOUR job to shut that shit down, not take it to Kickstarter to raise money to send your daughter to gamer camp when you clearly don’t need the money. More »

When You’re A Wealthy High School Student, You Can Pay People To Take The SAT For You

When You're A Wealthy High School Student, You Can Pay People To Take The SAT For You

In my house growing up, getting a good education was considered extremely important. My parents shelled out money for everything from math tutors (they didn’t take) to expensive private schools to those special Kaplan classes that are supposed to help you ace your SATs. My poor mother spent most of our teenage years driving 40 minutes each way to take my brother and I to our faraway, prestigious high schools and the years before that checking our homework and quizzing us for tests.

My own daughter has been in a pre-preschool program since she was two and while we thankfully have great public schools where we live, I definitely foresee some tutoring and test prep in her distant future. While all of these things are pretty standard for those of us who grew up in middle or upper class households, a recent story about SAT cheating in Great Neck, NY got me thinking about the lengths affluent teens and their parents will go to in their quest for admission into the nation’s elite schools. More »

$248,000 Playhouses Are Immoral

$248,000 Playhouses Are Immoral

OK, I don’t really believe that. I firmly support the right of anyone to spend their money however they see fit. But this New York Times feature about the trend of extravagant play houses is rubbing me the wrong way. When the latest jobs report came out last week, it showed that 272,000 Americans had simply given up on their job search. The broader unemployment rate is 16.2%. Some 14 million people are unemployed right now, including several members of my family. The share of adults with jobs is down to 58.2%, the worst it’s been in 30 years. People are losing their homes left and right.

And what does the New York Times feature on the front page of its Home section? Ostentatious playhouses that range from $50,000 to $248,000. More »

Cupcake Competitions: Extravagant Birthday Parties Are Mean

Cupcake Competitions: Extravagant Birthday Parties Are Mean

Just before the local school let out a few weeks ago, a little girl asked if her mother could bring in cupcakes for her birthday that would actually occur later that summer. Permission was granted. The other children with summer birthdays went home and told their mothers about the first girl’s plan. And so on the last day of school, the little girl’s mother brought in some beautiful homemade cupcakes for the girl to share. Another mother also brought in cupcakes for her son’s summer birthday. Except her cupcakes were the $5-a-pop type with the sky-high frosting that you can buy at the local cupcake bakery. More »