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2 Simple Rules For Buying Gifts For Twins

2 Simple Rules For Buying Gifts For Twins

Buying gifts for kids has never been easy for me; if I am not their mother, then it is 100% of the time going to be a shot in the dark. Truth time: if I have ever purchased a gift for your child, it was the college student working at Target who picked it out, not me. I’ve even run into problems buying presents for my own kids. Turns out, there are special rules about buying gifts for twins that I didn’t know about until after I had mine. The good news is, they are very simple: More »

What It’s Like Finding Out You’re Having Twins At 20 Weeks Pregnant

What It's Like Finding Out You're Having Twins At 20 Weeks Pregnant

If you’ve ever visited an Internet message board for parents of multiples, you’ll quickly notice that somewhere around 99.9% of the posts are some variation on the question, “Could I be having twins?” These posters are all quickly answered by the message board regulars with the standard reply: you’ll find out for sure one way or another at your 6-8 week ultrasound! Which is true, usually. Unless you’re me. I was that special, pregnant unicorn who didn’t find out she was having twins until almost 20 weeks More »

Finally, A Celebrity Speaks Some Truth About What It’s Like Having Twins

Finally, A Celebrity Speaks Some Truth About What Itâs Like Having Twins

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s twins arrived three weeks after mine were born. I remember buying the People Magazine issue with the first photos of Lopez and the twins in it. There was a nursery filled with white bedding and an enormous chandelier, there was Lopez bottle-feeding a twin while wearing a cocktail dress and a smile, and there were both parents running down a gravel driveway while pushing baby carriages and laughing. I wiped some baby vomit off my shirt, redid my oily ponytail, and said, “You lie, Lopez. You lie.” More »