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Parents Can’t Afford To Ignore Their Kids’ Social Media

Parents Can't Afford To Ignore Their Kids' Social Media

My kids aren’t even one year old yet, so I thankfully have 12 years or so to figure out what our future social media relationship is going to be. I want them to feel free to talk to me about anything, but I also don’t want them to feel as if they’re living under a mom-operated microscope. And even if my kids and I are online BFFs on whatever the ten-years-from-now equivalent of Twitter or Facebook is, with the number of Tweets that go by in a day, it can be easy to miss a single “I’m so alone”, or to detect a larger pattern among all the noise. More »

Teacher Exposes Facebook Dangers By Being A Creepy Troll And Showing Student’s Bikini Pic At Assembly

Teacher Exposes Facebook Dangers By Being A Creepy Troll And Showing Student's Bikini Pic At Assembly

Teachers at an English school gave an assembly on the dangers of social media, which I’m sure everyone would agree is a great idea. What is not a great idea, is taking a picture of a 15-year-old student in a bikini from her private Facebook page and posting it as an example of the dangers of social media and sharing in front of all of her peers. What were these teachers thinking? More »

Your 11-Year-Old Should Not Be On Instagram

Your 11-Year-Old Should Not Be On Instagram

Social media is part of our lives now. Every day, most of us will navigate a series of choices what to say online and how to say it; sometimes the existence of a second Internet life seems odd to those of us who grew up even before dial-up modems, Juno email addresses, and endless AOL Online CDs arriving in the mail. For our kids, though, an online life is going to be second nature; which means that somehow, we have to teach our kids to navigate safely through an iLandscape that didn’t exist when we were their age. Internet safety for kids should start at home with some learner’s permit-style social media access supervised by a parent. And that includes helping kids understand and obey the Terms of Service social websites operate under. More »