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The 10 Stages Of Helping Your Kid With A School Project

The 10 Stages Of Helping Your Kid With A School Project

Ah, school projects. They’re often a wonderful learning tool for your child and not terribly involved from a parental perspective. Then, there are others where you find yourself wondering if the teacher is punking you or possibly, in cahoots with the managers of the local craft stores because of all the materials you have to buy. Regardless, you will spend hours over the course of your kid’s school career helping them deal with school projects and over time, you may start to notice a pattern in your approach. More »

Being A ‘Crazy’ Sports Parent Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

Being A 'Crazy' Sports Parent Isn't Always A Bad Thing

When you think of a “crazy” sports parent, it probably conjures images of a jerky dad yelling at a referee or a mom hounding the coach for not giving her child enough time on the field. Maybe you also think of a parent admonishing their child for losing a game or forcing them to play a sport they are not even interested in. To me though, it can also be a good thing. More »