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Idiot Father Travels To Africa To Plant A Flag On Some Unclaimed Land So His Daughter Can Be A ‘Real Princess’

Idiot Father Travels To Africa To Plant A Flag On Some Unclaimed Land So His Daughter Can Be A 'Real Princess'

When Jeremiah Heaton‘s then six-year-old daughter asked if she could be a princess when she was older, he “didn’t want to make any false promises.” But he still said “yes.” So instead of just doing what the rest of us do – realizing that six-year-olds eventually grow up to understand that you can’t be a real princess or The Incredible Hulk – he decided to make her dreams come true. He scoured the globe to find some unclaimed land, travelled there, planted a flag on it – and called it his Kingdom. This really happened. More »

Dress-Wearing 5-Year-Old Boy Banned From Church Playgroup For No Good Reason

Dress-Wearing 5-Year-Old Boy Banned From Church Playgroup For No Good Reason

A five-year-old has been banned from his church playgroup because he likes to wear princess dresses. The church group will not let him return unless he wears “clothes which match his gender.” His mother has no problem with it, nor do a bunch of parents who also take their children to the playgroup. I guess his mother is going to have to explain that it’s okay for kids to have interests, as long as everyone else is totally comfortable with what those interests are. Also, it may be confusing to explain why the priest is allowed to wear gowns, but he is not. More »

The Petition Against A Disney Princess Highlights Everything That’s Wrong With

The Petition Against A Disney Princess Highlights Everything That's Wrong With

I like a good protest just as much as the next person, but is getting out of hand. If I don’t stop receiving petitions from – I’m going to have to start a petition. The latest one to come to my attention – the petition against Disney’s redesign of Merida from Brave, highlights everything that is annoying about this for-profit online petition generator. More »

Princess Play Vs. Princess Culture: There Is A Difference

Princess Play Vs. Princess Culture: There Is A Difference

Princess play, the act of pretending one is a princess through dress up reenactment of fairy tales, took on a different connotation after a Disney executive attended an ice skating show in 2008. According to Peggy Orenstein‘s book Cinderella Ate My Daughter, the executive was stunned to see legions of little girls attending the show in homemade princess outfits. Because so many little girls were designing, or begging their parents to create, princess outfits, the trend was seen as a huge marketing opportunity for the company who the went on the market the princesses outside their respective fairy tales. It is because of this executive’s observation that we now have “princess culture” — the entire bubblegum wash of glitter, sparkles, rapid materialism, and cult-like following that Disney has no intentions of slowing down.

But the make-believe of being a princess or inhabiting a mythical story was not always a commercially-sanctioned past-time, and while there are many princess alternatives that Disney has not yet soiled, the current dilemma for parents is to parse out play-time for their princess-leaning children that is not being sold on television. Princess play, if coupled with other stories and fables, can be a powerful exercise for young girls who have interests beyond fainting and looking pretty. They may not have their own line of dresses and DVDs, but there are many accessible princesses who are known for more than their appearance — but rather engaging stories that highlight their skills and abilities. More »

Pageant ‘Prince’ Lands On Toddlers & Tiaras

Pageant 'Prince' Lands On Toddlers & Tiaras

The latest contestant on last night’s episode of Toddlers & Tiaras? A boy. Seven-year-old Brock Ritter is competing alongside the girls on this popular TLC series that follows the controversial world of child beauty pageants. According to his mom, Tori Ritter, little Brock – a self-described “diva” – first became interested in pageants at age 2 and has already nabbed a half-dozen first-place trophies, she told E! Online.

Not surprisingly, people are aghast that an actual boy – or “pageant prince,” as he’s called – is involved in the competition. They say it’s no place for a boy and that his mom is setting him up for ridicule. Others are all for it, giving major props to the kid for following his dreams, for knowing who he is at such a young age. More »

Being Daddy’s Little (Feminist) Princess

Being Daddy's Little (Feminist) Princess

Growing up, my father was my everything.

I was a very hyper-feminine little girl with a deeply rooted princess obsession, even by today’s standards. While my peers grew out of their princess phases within a year or two, eventually adapting to sports, outdoor play, and video games, mine remains the narrative under which I recall my entire childhood. My memories of being little are of forever lingering under dining room tables or desks, perpetually with dolls in my hands and a bow in my hair. I took to outdoor activities gingerly, but only in the traditionally female context of jump rope. Sports, or activities that involved coordination over fields or dirty terrains repelled me, and I often sought refuge in books that I would read in the shade, the frills of my little socks catching on the pages. More »