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I Suck At Play Dates: A Mother’s Confession

I Suck At Play Dates: A Mother's Confession

It’s been a while since I’ve arranged or attended a play date. I know, I know, it’s not about me, right? Except it is. Recently, following weeks of planning and scheduling and reworking a get-together with the awesome mom of my six-year-old’s Montessori school friend – who, by the way, has three children – I cancelled at the 11th hour. We’d exchanged quite a few emails detailing best times, dietary restrictions and suggested activities and it all sounded great until I realized that I was spent before the play date was even set to begin.

I emailed her the night before to apologize for flaking out at the last minute. “I’m so sorry, I really suck at play dates,” I wrote. She LOL’d and replied, “No worries, I suck at play dates. too.” What’s funny is that I could totally read the sigh of relief reverberating through her reply. More »

‘Mommy I’m Bored’: Three Words I Long To Hear

'Mommy I'm Bored': Three Words I Long To Hear

This weekend, my family was scheduled down to the minute. We had a birthday party, a trip to the zoo, pool time, three separate meals with extended family, dishes to prepare for those meals and groceries, presents and dance shoes to buy. We spent a decent amount of time in the car, driving from one thing to the next. All in all, we had a wonderful time, but we got home Sunday night thoroughly exhausted.

We’ve always had a rather hectic schedule, but I’m beginning to wonder if all this bustle is good for us. Maybe my daughter actually needs to experience boredom? More »