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Please Come Over So I Don’t Have To Be Alone With This Kid

Please Come Over So I Don't Have To Be Alone With This Kid

My husband’s van hasn’t even turned off our street yet and the bat signal is already up. HELP ME, it reads. HELP ME NOT BE HOME ALONE WITH THIS KID. I scroll through my contacts, shamelessly asking any and all friends, family, even enemies who might be willing to spend a few hours, a morning, any time at all with my toddler and me so that he and I don’t have to spend a blessed moment alone together.
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The 11 Types Of Friends Every Mom Needs

The 11 Types Of Friends Every Mom Needs

Let’s face it, motherhood is hard. With all the focus being on our children, it is sometimes difficult for us to take care of our own needs. We no longer have the time to invest in all of the things that we used to. We can also feel isolated. As our children get older, they are making friends. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have our own relationships as well. In fact, mommy friendships are crucial. More »

I Suck At Play Dates: A Mother’s Confession

I Suck At Play Dates: A Mother's Confession

It’s been a while since I’ve arranged or attended a play date. I know, I know, it’s not about me, right? Except it is. Recently, following weeks of planning and scheduling and reworking a get-together with the awesome mom of my six-year-old’s Montessori school friend – who, by the way, has three children – I cancelled at the 11th hour. We’d exchanged quite a few emails detailing best times, dietary restrictions and suggested activities and it all sounded great until I realized that I was spent before the play date was even set to begin.

I emailed her the night before to apologize for flaking out at the last minute. “I’m so sorry, I really suck at play dates,” I wrote. She LOL’d and replied, “No worries, I suck at play dates. too.” What’s funny is that I could totally read the sigh of relief reverberating through her reply. More »

‘Mommy I’m Bored’: Three Words I Long To Hear

'Mommy I'm Bored': Three Words I Long To Hear

This weekend, my family was scheduled down to the minute. We had a birthday party, a trip to the zoo, pool time, three separate meals with extended family, dishes to prepare for those meals and groceries, presents and dance shoes to buy. We spent a decent amount of time in the car, driving from one thing to the next. All in all, we had a wonderful time, but we got home Sunday night thoroughly exhausted.

We’ve always had a rather hectic schedule, but I’m beginning to wonder if all this bustle is good for us. Maybe my daughter actually needs to experience boredom? More »