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You’re An A**hole If You Insult Celebrity Babies Like North West

You're An A**hole If You Insult Celebrity Babies Like North West

Last week it was Blue Ivy, now it’s North West. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to pierce North’s ears for her birthday. Everyone on the Internet has an opinion about this. Some think it’s child abuse – which is ridiculous – but at least their vitriol is aimed at the parents. Others are making comments about how North West looks with the earrings. For some reason, adults on the internet think it’s okay to insult a baby. A baby. What is wrong with these people?
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If Kanye Is So Worried About North West’s Safety He Should Just Become A Farmer

If Kanye Is So Worried About North West's Safety He Should Just Become A Farmer

I know that most of us really don’t give a damn about celebrities and their special snowflake offspring, but because I’m a very important writer/editor of a very important website where people ask me my views on very important topics, I feel the need to weigh in on this whole FANCY WEALTHY CELEBRITY ISSUE OF WORRYING ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THEIR KIDS.™  All of us parents worry about the safety of our kids, whether we are ME or my obvious twin, Kanye West. But here’s the bigass diff, if I were sincerely worried about the safety of my child , like Radar claims Mr. West Is, I would probably not be so much of a public figure. More »

North West Isn’t A ‘Budding Fashionista’ – She Is A 10-Month-Old Baby

North West Isn't A 'Budding Fashionista' - She Is A 10-Month-Old Baby

I feel so bad for teensy, tiny, younger-than-the-bottle-of-soy-sauce-in-my-refrigerator North West, daughter of super-couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Not only because she will grow up in the spotlight of amazingly spotlight-seeking parents, but also because it seems the media is hell-bent on branding this child before she has even started walking. Not only do media outlets speculate on things like whether or not this INFANT wore makeup for her recent Vogue cover shoot, but an adjective used to describe this baby in hundreds of headlines is fashionista. Or budding fashionista.

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