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I’m Already Listening To Christmas Music, Go Ahead And Judge Me

I'm Already Listening To Christmas Music, Go Ahead And Judge Me

As I type this, “Christmas Time Is Here” is blasting out of my laptop’s overworked speakers. It is November 6, and today in Los Angeles it will be 86 degrees. We’re still eating Halloween candy out of a plastic pumpkin crowding our kitchen counter, and our Thanksgiving plans are in limbo in an email chain somewhere. And yet in my heart it is already Christmas time, and IDGAF if you think that’s weird. More »

10 Reasons To Stress Over Your Family’s Holiday Card

10 Reasons To Stress Over Your Family's Holiday Card

Halloween is over and the first thing on my holiday to-do list is coming up with our family’s yearly holiday photo card. I do this because we don’t really send photos to friends and relatives at any other point in the year so it’s a good way to give everyone a current picture of the kids. It sounds great in theory but every year, it turns into a total shit show for one reason or another. More »

STFU Parents: Parents Who Get Explosively Angry About Fourth Of July Fireworks Need To Chill

STFU Parents: Parents Who Get Explosively Angry About Fourth Of July Fireworks Need To Chill

Last year, I wrote a Fourth of July column advising parents not to overreact to predictably loud and annoying holiday fireworks by complaining profusely on Facebook. No one listened to me. Granted, it could be because parents’ ears were punctured and rendered useless by the cries of their sleeping babies, barks of their dogs, and repeated booms outside their bedroom windows — but let’s be honest here: We are a nation that doesn’t live in a war zone (where I imagine that children’s sleeping patterns aren’t exactly top priority), and beyond that, we are a nation that loves guns, which also make loud booms and also happen to kill people every single day of the year. There’s an irony to people complaining quite vocally, and angrily, about loud fireworks, when we actually have far more restrictions against setting off fireworks in the United States than we do against owning guns. More »

100 Things Men Really Want For Father’s Day

100 Things Men Really Want For Father's Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday and if you have a man in your life, namely a man who is your romantic partner or who put a baby inside you or who you call your boyfriend or husband or partner, you may be stumped about what to get them for this holiday. Many parenting websites have compiled some excellent guides about what to get the man you love for Father’s Day, and if we were to sit down a bunch of men and ask them I’m sure they would say things like “To spend time with the kids” or “A relaxing day with my family.” These are all nice things but the man you love also deserves some extra special treatment on Father’s Day, because of all they do for us and the kids and for a million other reasons.  I know men, and I like to consider myself an expert on them, and I have compiled this amazing list that will help you decide the perfect gift for the holiday. Here are 100 things that the man you love really wants for this Father’s Day.
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Valentine’s Day Crafts That Won’t Make You Want to Shoot Yourself With A Glue Gun

 Valentine's Day Crafts That Won't Make You Want to Shoot Yourself With A Glue Gun

But this is 2014, where Leprechauns need traps, Easter involves presents and Santa needs the help of a misogynistic elf.   Pinterest exists to promote the idea that every holiday can be a beautiful, color coordinated spectacle, if only you take the time to warm up your glue gun.  I am not going to lie; there are days I want that for myself and my kids. I want to wake up in a world where I have the time to decorate my house inside and out in delightfully chic hearts and that manage to be both tacky and beautiful. However, that is not the world in which I live. My world mainly consists of waiting for cards to go on deep discount at Rite Aid before we go and buy a few boxes to split in a mad grab between my kids. Chances are I am not going all out for V-Day 2014. I can, however, step it up to “moderate effort level ” and you can too.   Join me for “At Least I Tried- Valentine’s Day 2014.” More »

Six Things You’ll Want For Valentine’s Day That Don’t Cost A Thing

Six Things You'll Want For Valentine's Day That Don't Cost A Thing

Fifteen years and three kids later, my wish list is a bit simpler. Would I like to re-create the sort of blissful romance I had in years past? Of course. But, my priorities have definitely changed with the two new little loves of my life. Nowadays, I consider it to be a true gift if I am able to use the bathroom without a kid trying to jump on my head at the same time. So, for this year, I present this fantasy list of six things I want for Valentine’s Day that don’t cost a thing. More »