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Preventing Breast Cancer Is Now a Mother’s Job – Thanks, Science!

Preventing Breast Cancer Is Now a Mother's Job - Thanks, Science!

Wouldn’t it be nice if scientific research would help us relax a little and ease our fears when it comes to parenting? You know, like how we (mostly) no longer believe in witchcraft thanks to our knowledge of physics. Instead, we get reports like this one from Graham A. Colditz, MD, DrPH at Washington University in St. Louis, stating that more than half of all breast cancer cases could have been prevented by healthy lifestyle choices made in adolescence and early childhood. More »

I Do All The Maintenance Around My House, So Stop Asking For My Husband

I Do All The Maintenance Around My House, So Stop Asking For My Husband

For the record, no. No, my husband is not home. He works out of the house, I work from the house, and I called you because I’m just sitting here with all of these piles of cash and unlimited free time to argue with you about why you should have to talk to Tits Edwards instead of Dick Edwards. Just fish the damn rat out from under the water heater and begone. More »

Letter From A Reader: What’s So Bad About Being Called A ‘Girl’?

Letter From A Reader:  What's So Bad About Being Called A 'Girl'?

Our five-year-old son was playing with his friends who are our neighbors; the boy is seven and the girl is four, and our son went to preschool with her. The boy has a tendency to be not very nice, but it’s not bad enough that I don’t let them play together. I don’t know exactly what happened, but the boy called our son “a girl,” and our son told the boy’s father. More »

The ‘Godfather Of Hipsterdom’ Mansplains What’s Wrong With Feminism

The 'Godfather Of Hipsterdom' Mansplains What's Wrong With Feminism

A discussion on HuffPost Live about the contemporary meaning of masculinity devolved into the only female on the panel being called a “fucking idiot” because she dared disagree with his views on feminism and gender roles, namely that all feminists are miserable and that all women just want to fulfill their biological imperative to breed and be homemakers. And bake pies. They probably want to bake pies, too. More »

College-Aged Men Are Failing Because We’re Spending Too Much Time Helping Women Succeed, Says ‘Feminist’

College-Aged Men Are Failing Because We're Spending Too Much Time Helping Women Succeed, Says 'Feminist'

College-aged women are beginning to succeed at a more rapid rate than college-aged men, so we better form a task force to see what the hell is going on, says Christina Hoff Sommers. She wrote an essay for The Atlantic this week titled, “How To Make School Better For Boys.” Her argument would be a lot easier to swallow if she didn’t frame it around blaming feminism and organizations that help girls succeed for the plunging success of the male college student. But then again, if she didn’t do that she wouldn’t have gotten all of the MRA page views, so I get it. More »

Miranda Kerr Makes Sure Not To Bring Her ‘Alpha Female’ Persona Into Her Marriage

Miranda Kerr Makes Sure Not To Bring Her 'Alpha Female' Persona Into Her Marriage

While I may not be for traditional gender roles classes for kids, I’m generally for whatever non-abusive partnership works between consenting grownups. One of the awesome things about having a family in 2013 is constructing the enterprise however you — and your wallet — see fit. If couples of all orientations want to to construct their marriages like “Leave It To Beaver” episodes or have stay-at-home dads or be a power couple with eight nannies, I will echo the loudest “whatever” in the blogosphere. Unless, someone starts trafficking in some serious gender stereotypes about OTHER PEOPLE’s choices. We need to exchange words, Miranda Kerr. More »