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I Regret Not Flying My Kids From New York To California For Thanksgiving With My In-Laws

 I Regret Not Flying My Kids From New York To California For Thanksgiving With My In-Laws

Traveling with two young children is never fun. There’s no way around that. But if you can brace yourself for the temporary (if not extended) pain of getting there, the benefits go far beyond the effort. Because when I hear my four year old tell me, months later, about the crazy thing that happened at Turkey Dinner, I know they are making memories. It’s sad to know they won’t be adding to those memories this year. More »

Even The Mother Of Mother’s Day Hates Mother’s Day

Even The Mother Of Mother's Day Hates Mother's Day

I love learning new things! A woman named Anna Jarvis spearheaded Mother’s Day as a way to honor her own badass mother who cared for Civil War soldiers and taught Sunday school. She spent an inordinate amount of time and energy convincing Congress to recognize it as a national holiday, which they did in 1914. But then when it got commercialized, she was all like, oops, just kidding guys! Changed my mind! More »

As A Mom It’s My Right To Cancel Thanksgiving 2013!

As A Mom It's My Right To Cancel Thanksgiving 2013!

I think a lot of us try and work through our own personal childhood voodoo by creating the holidays we never had growing up for our own children. But I also think there comes a time when a lot of us realize that we will never have what we have seen in other families, whether it be our friends or whatever simpy holiday movie is playing on The Hallmark Channel. More »

Mommyish Gift Guide: Cool Stuffed Animals Kids Will Love

Mommyish Gift Guide: Cool Stuffed Animals Kids Will Love

Once kids reach a certain age, stuffed animals are no longer cool. Unless, of course, they have a gross factor. Or a zombie-slash-superhero-slash-internal-organ factor. Or something – anything! – that relates back to “screen time” (Angry Birds, anyone?). We’ve rounded up the coolest plush toys we could find for every kid on your holiday gift list. Some are admittedly out there but, hey, I have two test subjects young boys at home who’d go nuts for these. Teddy bears, after all, are sooo ’87. More »

Thanksgiving Dinner: Lessons From The Grown-Ups’ Table

Thanksgiving Dinner: Lessons From The Grown-Ups' Table

Thanksgiving has, for me, always been synonymous with family. For as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve known that my turkey-eating plans were set for the Saturday after the actual holiday when my immediate family would get together with all four of my mom’s sisters and their respective families. Hosting duties rotated but beyond the venue, it seemed like very little changed from year to year. That is, until recently.

My earliest memories of our gluttonous Thanksgiving dinner celebration involve running amok with my siblings and cousins, breathing in the glorious aroma of that big fat bird roasting in the oven, boisterous laughter and pies. Lots of pies; meat pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, candy dish pie (I’m salivating). This is the stuff that joyful childhood memories are made of. More »

Opposites Attract? Surviving Friends With Radically Different Parenting Styles

Opposites Attract? Surviving Friends With Radically Different Parenting Styles

I hear a lot of mothers gripe about summer vacation and what the heck they’re going to do with a full house all that time. For expat mothers like me who are also primary caregivers, summer is a time for heading back to the motherland, which can generate exponential anxiety.

The benefits of a home visit – quality time with family, reunion with friends – usually outweigh the disadvantages. But then there’s the time away from your spouse, if he or she is lucky enough to have a job in your adopted place of residence. And the close quarters: all of a sudden you’re not only play-dating other families, you’re often bunking with them, too. They’re seeing you at your (and your children’s) worst. And everyone’s making judgments about the other’s parenting style. More »

Going On A Family Holiday? Beware The ‘Evil Stares’

Going On A Family Holiday? Beware The 'Evil Stares'

Gatwick Airport in London recently surveyed 1,000 British parents and discovered that most them get totally stressed out while traveling with their kids. But it’s not the actual children that’s the problem but rather the reactions of fellow passengers. Let’s just say that people aren’t exactly shy about wanting to travel in peace (as in, no screaming kids nearby).

More than half the parents questioned in the study say they’ve been made to feel bad when their child cries or misbehaves on holiday, reports Reuters. More »