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The Intense Pressure Of Taking The Perfect Pre-School Birthday Treat

The Intense Pressure Of Taking The Perfect Pre-School Birthday Treat

So, new school food regulations went into place this year. I’m not sure if it was a state decision or a nation-wide effort to cut down on homemade treats that might not have been made according to health codes. From September through January, I hadn’t given much thought to those handouts that I stuffed in a file months ago. The basic gist was that all food brought in to the kids had to be pre-packaged by a manufacturer or business. No more bunches of grapes that could’ve been stored in someone’s crisper next to raw meat. No more homemade cupcakes that might have picked up bacteria in a less-than-commercial kitchen. Yay for the makers of snack packs, I thought. Then, I realized that I needed to come up with a pre-packaged, easy to eat birthday treat. More »

Parents Divided Over Iowa Principal’s ‘Birthday Whammies’

Parents Divided Over Iowa Principal's 'Birthday Whammies'

It wasn’t until I read a story about an Iowa principal getting in trouble for “spanking” birthday boys and girls with a ridiculously padded hockey stick that I retrieved some repressed memory from my childhood: I’m pretty sure at least two of my principals also did this. Also my grandpa used to “spank” me on my birthday. One spank for each year. It never hurt, sometimes they weren’t even touching me — just pretending to. But how could I forget such a silly thing? More »