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Woman Filing Maternity Suit Against Beyoncé And Jay-Z Is Full Of Sh*t

Woman Filing Maternity Suit Against Beyoncé And Jay-Z Is Full Of Sh*t

Apparently, the world is so desperate for Beyoncé and Jay Z news that they will believe anything they read. There is a story all over the internet today that a woman named Tina Seals has filed a maternity suit against Beyoncé and Jay Z. Interesting. It’s not often you hear of a woman filing a maternity suit against another woman, because what the hell that makes no sense. More »

Five Reasons That Still Have Me Thinking Beyonce’s Pregnancy Was Fake

Five Reasons That Still Have Me Thinking Beyonce's Pregnancy Was Fake

Was Beyonce really pregnant? Beyonce fake pregnancy rumors are far from extinguished even though she and Jay-Z have welcomed Blue Ivy into the world. While there’s no denying that a little girl was born in Lenox Hill Hospital on Saturday night and that such a commotion kept parents out of the NICU, there exists videos, photos, and multiple theories suggesting that Beyonce was not carrying her. Although there was speculation for awhile that Beyonce was enhancing her baby bump for public appearances, certain tidbits suggest that a surrogate was involved — which is a perfectly viable route to motherhood as far as we’re concerned. But the way Beyonce’s carrying on, it’s obvious that a stigma for surrogacy lingers for contemporary mothers. So from that infamous video of her belly collapsing to certain details of Blue’s birth, let’s review all together now. More »

Fake Baby Bumps Latest Craze In China

Fake Baby Bumps Latest Craze In China

When I was pregnant with my first back in 2005, baby bumps were just starting to get big. (Get it?) No, really, celebrities like Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney were all pregnant back then, and sporting a bump was suddenly “fashionable.” I can even remember announcing to my boss that I was pregnant and her responding, “Hey, you’re right on trend!” (I think she was joking?)

Women have obviously been having babies forever (duh) – but Hollywood moms are treated like royalty now more than ever before. Which perhaps explains why fake “baby bumps” – or pregnancy bellies – are all the rage in China. According to a report by, they’ve been selling like hot cakes in the Chinese online market. More »

Beyonce’s Fake Pregnancy Rumored Once Again With New ‘Party’ Video

Beyonce's Fake Pregnancy Rumored Once Again With New 'Party' Video

Beyonce just can’t seem to evade those pesky fake pregnancy rumors. In her new video for the single “Party,” the 30-year-old expectant mom prances about in mini shorts, low-cut swimsuits, and loose-fitting tanks. And although some women don’t “pop” until the second trimester, it’s worth noting that this video with J.Cole was filmed in August — right before debuting her big baby bump at the VMAs. More »

Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’ Video Fuels Fake Pregnancy Rumors

Beyonce's 'Love On Top' Video Fuels Fake Pregnancy Rumors

Despite releasing her “Countdown” video not too long ago in which we all saw her pregnant tummy, Beyonce has just debuted another video for her other single “Love On Top” without such a bump. Assumptions are made that this video was shot during Bey’s first trimester in which her pregnancy wasn’t so visible. Still, watching the singer dance around in a leotard has done nothing but fuel those rumors that her pregnancy is perhaps fake or being enhanced.
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Beyonce May Be Faking Her Pregnancy

Beyonce May Be Faking Her Pregnancy

So Beyonce did a sit-down interview Sunday night with an Australian television show and a very odd thing happened. When walking to the interviewer and sitting down, Beyonce’s tummy collapsed revealing only a sagging dress. The bump then popped back into shape suggesting the belly to be prosthetic of some kind. More »