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I Am Not The Mom I Imagined I Would Be

I Am Not The Mom I Imagined I Would Be

I had a million ideas of what my mom-self would look like. Having struggled with infertility before my first child, I had years to think about it. I fantasized about the mother I would become – so much so that she kind of took on a life of her own. She was amazing, this future me. I crafted her perfectly in my mind, convinced I knew what she would look like. More »

10 Reasons You Are Suffering From Mom Guilt This Week

10 Reasons You Are Suffering From Mom Guilt This Week

Mom guilt. It is so insidious and can creep up on you when you least expect it. Whether it’s an innocent question from your little one that stirs up feelings of yuck (“Momma, why you so grumpy at me?”) or thoughts of inadequacy spurred on by the extreme mothering of the Pinterest- perfect crowd (ugh, quit it with the crafting already) I can guarantee there were moments in the last week where you had twinges of mom guilt. More »

There Is No ‘Right Age’ For A Babysitter

There Is No 'Right Age' For A Babysitter

We have yet to hire a babysitter outside of our family and regular daycare providers. We don’t go out a whole ton but we are fortunate that my parents or brother typically say yes when we need a babysitter. This is mostly a cost-saving measure as well as a way of ensuring our kids get some quality time with their grandparents or uncle. However, if and when we do hire someone outside of family I don’t know that I have a particular age in mind as much as a particular level of responsibility and trust-worthiness. I really believe there is no “right age” for a babysitter. More »

10 Movies That Look Totally Different Now That You’re A Parent

10 Movies That Look Totally Different Now That You're A Parent

Movies I loved in childhood, from The Little Mermaid to Back to the Future to Crooklyn, take on a whole new meaning once you start identifying with the parents instead of the kids. Shakespeare probably wasn’t thinking much about Signoras Capulet and Montague when he wrote Romeo and Juliet, but these classic tales and modern teen romps are suddenly horror films, minefields of fears I’d never thought of before (because I really needed more of those). There are some flicks I’ll never see the same way again.
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When Your Kids Are In The Car You’ve Lost The Right To Road Rage

When Your Kids Are In The Car You've Lost The Right To Road Rage

I am not going to lie to you all and say that I never get annoyed behind the wheel while my kids are in the backseat. They both know that sometimes Mommy will call someone “stupid” if they cut me off and I have used my horn before to express my displeasure at the behavior of another motorist. I have never been proud of it and I try my best to corral my emotions when I have the kids in the car with me. More »