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The 10 Best Baby Names Inspired By Beer

The 10 Best Baby Names Inspired By Beer

I love beer almost as much as I love my two beautiful babies…. although, my kids definitely don’t help me relax after a long, hard day. Even though I love my kids more than anything—as toddlers, they are often the source of my anxiety. But on the other hand, it’s perfectly legal to carry your baby while walking down the street. Try this with an open beer, and you’ll be in a world of hurt. More »

Any Smart Husband Knows Not To Veto A Pregnant Woman’s Baby Name List

Any Smart Husband Knows Not To Veto A Pregnant Woman's Baby Name List

Every husband knows that pregnancy is a time to tread lightly. I’m not saying this in a “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy” cliché kind of way because I hate that bullshit saying. I’m just saying that any husband with half a brain knows that pregnant women are irrational and emotional and difficult to please. This is probably a scientific fact, and it describes me perfectly in both of my pregnancies. More »

I Have Baby Naming Writer’s Block

I Have Baby Naming Writer's Block

Hyphenating wasn’t on the table, nor was a portmanteau, a popular trend of combining names. We’re not exactly sure how you would pronounce Allziellengler, and Jessarrett sounds like something you need to hire an exterminator to deal with. He likes ultra-feminine, almost Victorian names like Winnifred Sophronia. So badly does he want a girl that he refuses to discuss boy’s names. More »

STFU Parents: Crazy Baby Names

STFU Parents: Crazy Baby Names

It’s hard to say when exactly parents started focusing on giving their children unique (or “yoonique”) names, but it seems that the trend has completely spiraled out of control. Ask anyone the craziest baby name they know, and chances are they’ll say something you’ve never heard before. A couple of days ago I asked STFU, Parents readers this question on Twitter and Facebook, and the names ranged from Female (pronounced Fem-AH-lee), to Jazzman, to siblings named Tamara, TaDae, Yesterdae and Tonite. More »

‘Harper’ Has Lost All Literary Significance Thanks To Victoria Beckham, Mother Poses

'Harper' Has Lost All Literary Significance Thanks To Victoria Beckham, Mother Poses

So in case you you haven’t heard, Victoria and David Beckham named their new addition Harper Seven. The highly anticipated baby girl was given the middle name “Seven” after her father’s jersey number, but the Beckhams have yet to make a statement as to what inspired the name “Harper.” When I read the news, I immediately thought of Harper Lee who authored To Kill A Mockingbird, but apparently I’ll be one of the last to do so according to an English mother over at The Guardian. Also a mother to a baby girl named Harper (named explicitly for the character), she argues that in a few years time no one will understand the nod to one of America’s literary giants. More »

Having Trouble Naming Your Baby? There’s An App For That.

Having Trouble Naming Your Baby? There's An App For That.

My husband and I named our children the old-fashioned way: We fought for 9 months and ended up picking the only names we could agree on. In utero, they had their own German names (Spargel (asparagus) and Zwiebel (onion), if you must know) and we continued the vegetation theme on into their in real life names. We spent hours walking through cemeteries looking for cool names from the past. We scoured our family trees for some cool ancestor. We didn’t, as some of our friends recently did, poll everyone with a fancy questionnaire asking for a thorough ranking of preferences from a short list.

But we could have avoided all sorts of drama by just using this new app. More »