I like to joke that parent overshare begins at conception, because you can learn a lot about a person’s potential for oversharing by reading through his or her timeline during the gestation period. But what about being able to forecast how a person is going to share “kidformation” based on how the pregnancy is announced in the first place? Pregnancy announcements on Facebook have become a Big Thing, with parents-to-be staging their announcements in strategic ways to surprise their friends. By now most of us have heard about gender/sex reveal parties, where people learn the sex of a baby when the parents cut into a slice of either pink or blue colored cake, and I think pregnancy announcements are slowly but surely becoming the next trend du jour along similar lines. (Except so far, there’s no cake, which is a bummer.)

For a while people made their announcements plainly by saying something like, “I’m excited to announce that we are having a baby!” or, “The cats’s out of the bag; I’m pregnant!” and everyone would cheer with “Likes.” But now, people realize there is an art to these announcements. Or conversely, if they shy away from any attention and try to lay low, they catch heat from their friends and family for it. Baby updates and sonograms have become intrinsic to Facebook, and the frenzy surrounding pregnancy announcements is increasing by the day. Here are some examples of ways people announce their pregnancy online for your consideration. Do you think any of these people has the potential to become an oversharer?

1. Announce With Spaghetti Sauce

Even though the expression is typically spelled “preggo,” posing with a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce has become an extremely popular announcement method. There are also a bunch of terrible puns that people like to say in response (“It’s in the sauce.”, “The chunky kind!”, etc.), which sort of lends itself to a good dose of humor. But, it’s still a goofy set-up, and I’ll admit I think it’s kind of overdone.

2. Announce With a Pee Stick

Posting a picture of a pregnancy test is a fairly common way to: A) Announce you’re pregnant, and B) Give people a hint as to what’s to come after the baby is born. If a person is comfortable enough to post a photo of her pee stick as well as specific details about her last period just two weeks from conception, you know she’s going to overshare when the baby comes. (If she doesn’t already, that is.)

3. Announce With Hostility


Yikes. I understand where Ashley is coming from, but she might want to rein in those pregnancy hormones or stop posting on Facebook altogether if she’s telling all her friends to “hush” and stop being “pissy.” Even if her update is justified, it’s probably better to leave it alone than to attack her friends and family.

4. Announce With Klass

Misty’s got a real way with words. Her announcement is as stupefying as it is anti-climactic. It’s almost like a status update oxymoron.

5. Announce With Inundation 

There’s no mistaking it; Amy is pregnant! Sometimes rather than make a single update, people prefer to remind their friends (or friends of friends, as is the case here) that they’re pregnant by creating a huge banner “advertisement” as well as use a sonogram as a profile picture. Now that’s excitement. It’s the announcement that keeps on giving!