The last time we explored the hostile world of Angry Parents on Facebook was back in February when I introduced the mama bear-laden category. Since then, Angry Parents submissions have continued to rear their irascible heads in my inbox, so today I figured what the hell. It’s close to 90 degrees in most parts of the country, some of us (myself included) don’t have central air, and that can make even the cheeriest person act crabby. So today, instead of fighting the urge to be angry, let’s embrace it. Celebrate the hate! Get in touch with your feisty side and you’ll feel right at home with this collection of crazy people, many of whom think it’s funny or even downright adorable to share their anger (“jokingly” or not) on Facebook. We’ve entered an era where updates like these are perfectly acceptable, so break out your boxing gloves and get in the ring!

1. Baby Love


Haha, you ladies know what Tiffany’s talking about! When your baby is in the best mood ever and the two of you are doing some light shopping and then BAM! He smiles at a stranger and that stupid bitch doesn’t even make eye contact with him. As if the poor child is going to learn anything about socializing from people like that! Is it wrong to want to drag them outside by their ponytails and kick them in the face until they admit your baby is the cutest?

2. Jokey Jokes

Oh my goodness, these ladies are hysterical! “Punch them in the throat!” “No wait, the throat and the stomach!” How about punching the person in the throat and the stomach and then setting that person on fire?! Right? How funny would that be?

3. Fake Apologies


Oh, how I wish I could have seen those 37 comments to confirm that not only is Amber insane, but her friends are, too. Not that I’m saying it’s ever appropriate for a loud-mouthed teenager to pick on a 7-year-old. It’s not! It’s totally uncalled for! But so is “dumping a bucket of worms” on someone’s head. I’m still trying to figure out if that was a literal thing Amber did or just a euphemism for “talking shit.” Something tells me it was real, though, since it sounds like she’s at the lake, which makes Amber is a bona fide nutjob.

4. Revenge


The lack of punctuation in Yellow’s comment actually frightens me. She’s sounds like a mama bear with cold, dead eyes and a penchant for violence. I sincerely doubt any kids who have met either of these women believe they are “friendly protectors.” My guess is, they’re as terrified of them as I am. Kids can smell fear and psychotic rage, like dogs.

5. Friendly Reminders

This woman has a point! AND a great idea! People who don’t think Kaysi’s kids are cute need a brick upside their head! And a custom license plate sounds like a great way to warn folks of their impending doom. It’s a good thing Brooke had the ingenuity to make that dream become a reality.


Did I mention the original poster is a school teacher? What a sense of humor she has! Who says teachers don’t lead by example?