So why is Rush concocting imaginary plans to “normalize” pedophilia? (I cannot help using quotes. The whole thing is just too awful to type without them.) The real reason he’s bringing up this random article and pop culture story is because he wants to compare gay marriage to pedophilia.

Rush asks his audience to think back to the first time they heard about gay marriage. He suggests that they felt the very same reaction to that idea that they do to the idea of pedophilia being acceptable. By the way, the idea that people would get the same reaction from hearing that two grown adults would like to commit themselves to each other for life and from hearing about adults who wish to have sex with children is just plain depressing.

Rush continues,

“They want us to all think that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation. You know who’s gonna fall right in line is college kids, just like they have on gay marriage, just like they do on all other revolutionary social issues. Their own definition of the cutting edge, civil rights, freedom, understanding, tolerance. So I’m just warning you here. You think it can’t happen. ‘Impossible! Don’t be nutso and wacko on us, Rush.’”

This idea, and the fact that Limbaugh would attempt to mislead and corrupt the minds of all his listeners, is just disgusting beyond words. There is absolutely no attempt by anyone to normalize pedophilia. I am as liberal as you can possibly be, and I would never suggest that the sexual abuse of a child is in some way acceptable or that it doesn’t cause harm.

Rush isn’t concerned with providing accurate information. It’s a scare tactic. And a deceitful way of smearing gay marriage, of promoting homophobia.

There is absolutely no link between gay marriage and pedophilia. One is the practice of two consenting adults deciding to spend their lives together. The other is child abuse. Rush Limbaugh knows this. And he knows that no one would ever suggest that sex with children is appropriate unless they were mentally unstable. This is just a disgusting man attempting to spread fear and bigotry. We shouldn’t stand by and let it happen.

(Photo: WENN)