From the moment you find out you’re pregnant people do everything they can to gear you up for labor and birth. Some people come at you with the raw and scary birth photos or videos, some share their horror stories and all that really does is scare you and put fear in your brain that your body can’t do this. While there are moments where things don’t go as planned, and as with anything, there are times where it can be scary, humans have been birthing babies since the beginning of time, obvi. And with that, it’s important to show that it doesn’t have to be scary, that your vagina is incredible, that birth is powerful, and people who have birthed humans and choose to share these raw birth photos combat all that fear and show birth for the amazing thing it really is.

Click through to see these raw, powerful and graphic photos that show just how amazing the human body is. And just so you don’t yell at us in the comments, when we say raw and graphic, we mean it, but these really are incredible.

1. All That Work

Everything about this photo, from all those helping, supporting hands, to the mom who is amazingly powerful.