Remember being a little girl and having one of those cool dolls whose hair you could change with a wet brush? I had one, and I envied the hell out of those cute streaks of pink and purple. My mother was not about that multi-colored hair life though, and I was not allowed to dye my hair as a teen. And while I still’t really bother with dyeing my own, I have a fondness for seeing folks with brightly-colored tresses, especially rainbow hair.

If you’re looking for some hair-spiration, check out these amazing rainbow hair looks as seen on Instagram.

1. How About a Super Cute Cotton Candy Rainbow of Curls Atop Your Head?

Light on your head, light in your soul.


2. Or Go a Bit Tropical With Parrot-Themed Rainbow Hair

It’s for the birds.

3. For Those Looking to Rainbow on the Sly

A hidden panel of color is a fun and subtle way to go.


4. But Some Gals Prefer Going Bold

Rock it, girl.


5. A Rainbow Pixie Cut Is a Totally Solid Option

A post shared by CHAOS SALON (@chaossalon) on

It’s the summer, after all.


6. Rainbow Braids? Totally a Thing

Love how the colors interlace.


7. Maybe a Rainbow in Balayage Style Is More Your Thing

This look is everything.

8. Dark Earth Tone Rainbows Offers a Totally Fierce Look

You can totally be a punk rock wood nymph with this.


9. Boys Love Rainbows Too (And a Side Shave Is a Nice Touch)

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Rainbows know no gender.


10. A Rainbow Colored Curly Fro Is Beyond Magical

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Can we get more women of color in on the Instagram rainbow hair train though?


11. Pale Rainbows For Kiddos, Anyone?

Never too soon!

12. Find A Rainbow, Then Add A…Pizza?

I mean, if unique is what you’re going for, this is definitely that.


13. Who Ever Said You Needed Long Hair To Dye It Rainbow?

A post shared by Megan Rushe (@megansmanes) on

Great for Pride, but also great any other time of the year, too.


14. Love This Subtle Rainbow Up-Do

Bits of bright color peaking out from underneath the brunette.


15. And Last But Certainly Not Least: Rainbow Locs

A post shared by Taylor (@taylormade_styles) on

Rainbows go with every damn thing.

Which is your favorite look? Let us know in the comments and share a photo with us if you have rainbow hair!

(Image: YouTube / Guy Tang)