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Apparently The ‘Apparently’ Kid Is Famous Enough To Star In A Commercial. Apparently.

Apparently The âApparentlyâ Kid Is Famous Enough To Star In A Commercial. Apparently.

So apparently there’s this kid who always says “apparently” and has gotten so famous for doing so that he’s apparently been named the “Apparently” Kid. He’s apparently gotten so big that he’s now starring in a new Freshpet commercial. Apparently. Aaand I promise that’s the last time in this post that I’ll bombard you with “apparently”s. I’m just fairly certain it’s a law of the Internet that you have to do that when writing a post about Noah Ritter. That’s his name, by the way. More »

Anonymous Mom: I Used To Have A Serious Career, Now I Show Off On Pinterest

 Anonymous Mom: I Used To Have A Serious Career, Now I Show Off On Pinterest

I miss having something in which I have to work at to excel. This is where the Pinterest perfect mom in me emerges. That stylish and trendy girl I never expected to want to be says if I can turn my living room into something magazine-cover-worthy, I have shown that I excel at being a stay at home mom. If I create mouthwatering, impeccably decorated cupcakes, it shows I’m at the top of my game. Do I realize how vain this is? Yes, of course. More »

Morning Feeding: Boost Your Baby’s Language Skills

Morning Feeding: Boost Your Baby's Language Skills

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Shoving Vagina Puppets In Your Toddler’s Face All Day Is Not ‘Body Positive Parenting’

Shoving Vagina Puppets In Your Toddler's Face All Day Is Not 'Body Positive Parenting'

“What we’re going to do, is we’re going to paint some vulva portraits!” says mom, as she makes a muppet voice emerge from a vagina puppet. You really can’t make this stuff up. This mom’s practice of “body positive parenting,” really just translates into, “I shove pictures of vaginas in my two-year-old daughter’s face all day and pretend that it’s normal.” Oh, sorry. Vulvas. She shoves pictures of vulvas into her daughter’s face all day. I don’t want to offend anyone who gets irate when people mistakenly call the vulva a vagina. More »

Evening Feeding: Liv Tyler Is Expecting A Baby!

Evening Feeding: Liv Tyler Is Expecting A Baby!

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