New Evian Dancing Baby Ad I hate babies in advertising. It creeps me out beyond words, which makes little sense because I LOVE babies! I want all the babies and I love holding babies and babies are freaking adorable, except when used to like, tell me which company I should use in order to trade stocks. Those babies creep me out. But this new Evian dancing baby ad, and you may remember the rollerskating babies,¬†features adults meeting baby versions of themselves and even I have to admit it’s pretty damn cute.


Awwww, there is even a puppy baby! And babies with facial hair and a super cute bald baby. I am not sure how this ad is selling me bottled water but I guess the tagline ” Live Young” means that if you also drink Evian water you will feel all young and start dancing like a dork on a busy street in some downtown location. I’m not sure what I would do if I ever encountered myself as a baby, but I know unlike the dancing actors in this ad I would probably lose my mind and break the reflection in the glass trying to get to my me baby so I could hold it and rock it and remind it not to grow up and date creepy guys and pay more attention in school! Yay babies!

(Photo: Youtube)