We all did weird stuff when we were kids, but most of us did not have Twitter around to remind us. But recently writer and blogger Kiran David recalled for Twitter the bizarre story of how when he was 12 and in middle school he thought he got his girlfriend pregnant, even though they’d never had sex.

David was in 7th grade at the time. He was 12 years old and had been in the U.S. for two years, but he played basketball and had a British accent and everyone thought that was pretty damn cool. He even had a girlfriend who he describes as “one of the BADDEST girls in 7th grade.”

They held hands in the hallway. They were “official.”

Now the thing is that David, despite being 12 years old, did not know what sex was. He says his father was a pastor and they just did not talk about sex at all in the house. At the time he did not even really know what sex was, he just knew “it was for grown-ups.”

David says he had never even kissed his girlfriend, they just held hands in the hallways. But he didn’t know where babies came from, so he assumed that if his girlfriend was pregnant then that meant he was going to be a father.

So David runs home and decides to tell his mother, and also that he is going to be a stand-up guy about it, so he immediately declares that his girlfriend is pregnant and they are going to keep the baby and raise it together.

So David’s mother hauls him in front of the principal with his girlfriend and her mother, and he stands up and proudly declares that they are pregnant and they are keeping the baby. Unfortunately this did not turn out to be a story where the little girl also did not know what sex was either. David’s 12-year-old girlfriend really was pregnant, and her mother did not know.

The girl’s mother blows her top. David’s mother just kept asking when they had sex, and he’s like, “Why do you keep asking me about sex? I’m talking about having a baby.”

The principal is like, “WTF is happening here?!”

And that’s when David’s mother realizes that he has no idea what sex is, and David is about to get an introduction to sex ed in front of his girlfriend, her mom, and the principal at the most stressful moment of his life.

Then he gets it.

Poor kid. That was an embarrassing moment. He says he shouted at everyone, including the principal. He didn’t get in any trouble about it, though. He says he stormed out of her office after yelling at everyone, and then just never spoke about it again for the rest of the year.

His next stop was to get a book, though, so he could figure out how sex works. That was probably a good idea.

David says his 12-year-old girlfriend really was pregnant and did have the baby, but he doesn’t know anything about how that happened or who was responsible. David grew up to be a pastor and a writer, and he says the baby is a gorgeous little girl now, but he doesn’t say what happened to her mother, who had a baby when she was 12 years old. As a recent Save the Children PSA pointed out, more than a million girls under the age of 15 get pregnant every year, and that’s not a thing that doesn’t happen here in the U.S.

Sex education is really important. People expect 12-year-olds to know all about sex and birth control by that age, but if they’re not getting the info they need from school or home, they might just not be getting it. David and his girlfriend both clearly needed it.

(Image: iStockPhoto / 3dmentat)