Kids say the darndest things, especially when they’re sassy toddlers with a questionable grasp on the English language. I like to jot down the things my three-year-old says in an ongoing note on my iPhone, and I noticed that a lot of her rantings and exclamations would make fantastic motivational posters. So I made some. Here are a few inspirational bits of toddler talk from my daughter to keep you motivated in the most trying of times:

1. When the remote is just too damn far.motivational-poster-toddler-tv

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Reach for the stars! Keep reaching… Just a little further… Just a litt– great, now put on Special Agent Oso and get me a snack in the red bowl. Not the orange bowl. The. Red. Bowl.

2. When you’re trying to improve your diet.

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Cookies used to be at the top of the food pyramid for a reason, okay? Because they’re freaking delicious. That’s how that thing works, right? Anyway, don’t let nutrition facts kill your dreams. Cookies for breakfast: do something good for your bones.

3. When you aren’t reaching your potential.

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I need you, but you’re too weak to meet the demands of your daily life. You could be strong, though. Why aren’t you? What’s stopping you? Carry me to the kitchen for some ice cream and we’ll talk this out.

4. When you need to believe anything is possible.


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You might be a mere human now, but you could wake up an ostrich! Anything could happen! Believe! It’s science!

5. In case you forget:

toilet-in-bathroom-modern(Photo:  / Shutterstock)

What? It does.

6. When you need help coping with your anger.


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Strengthen your relationship with your toddler by taking everything out on your partner instead. I’m pretty sure that’s in a happy relationship self-help book somewhere. Sounds like pretty solid advice.

7. When the only guide you need is your inner voice.


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Namaste, bitches. Namaste.