With so many restaurants kicking breastfeeding women out, and so many employers telling women to nurse their kids and use their pumps in toilet stalls, we here at Mommyish have put together a handy guide for women so they know where they’re allowed to breastfeed and pump. Confused about where you can whip it out? Allow us to clarify.

Am I allowed to breastfeed at this majestic courthouse I’m hanging out in?



It’s your right as an American! You are legally allowed to breastfeed in any and every federal building and on any federal property.

How about this park bench I’m sitting on? Or the post office I’m headed to?



How about in a restaurant? Can I breastfeed while shoving a cheeseburger in my mouth?



In most states it is LEGAL to breastfeed in public. 46 states (and Washington D.C.) have laws protecting a woman’s right to breastfeed in public. Of the four that that don’t – Idaho, South Dakota, Virginia and Michigan – three “exempt breastfeeding from public indecency laws.” Idaho is the a-hole state with no breastfeeding laws in place.

So like, what if I’m sitting on one of those giant, comfy couches in Anthropologie? How about then?


Unless you’re at the Anthropologie in Boise.

And how about pumping at work? My company is legally required to provide me with a private space to use my breast-pump that’s not a bathroom, right?



You know it. The federal law states that any company with 50+ people must provide you with break time AND a private place to express milk. You do not have to pump on a toilet. It’s the motherf**king LAW OF THE LAND.

 Excuse me, but I live in Canada. Can I drain my milk sacks in public here too?



You Canadians can legally breastfeed ANYWHERE!