Birth is incredible. It’s one of those life moments that are really hard to understand because it all just seems so out of this world. Your body is growing a human. Like that’s weird, right? There are so many things that have to line up exactly right for all that to happen and it really blows my mind. Your body and the baby you are creating have to work together in a way that really doesn’t happen elsewhere. And then birth, that’s a whole new ballgame. Where your muscles in your uterus have to work like they’ve never worked before. Your baby’s head during birth has to squeeze in a way so that they can be born.

What happens during birth, it’s incredible.

Those small moments that really are huge make labor and birth really interesting. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to those moments during birth that are near miracle. But, when you look at a fresh baby who was just born there is evidence in their head of the journey they just went on.

1. Peacefully asleep

Everything about this fresh squish is so perfection.