So, you finally had your baby. Congratulations! What are you going to do now? If you still have a lot of time to kill on your maternity leave and have exhausted all your Netflix reserves, it may be time to fall into the Internet vortex that is baby birth announcement ideas.

You can present your new bundle of joy in style with a cool announcement your friends won’t hate, like these top 10 picks:

1. Hipster Say What? The perfect, understated announcement for your new hipster baby: Like mother, like daughter…

2. Personalized Organic Baby Blanket: Can’t argue with a minimalist, personalized announcement like this little gem.

3. Literal Baby Stats Done Right: All you need are a few kitschy props (or Photoshop), and you have yourself a baby announcement photo shoot.

4. Baby-Less Announcement: Take a picture of a clever baby keepsake paired with a fortune cookie style announcement. No muss, no fuss.

5. Ornate Baby Announcement Melon: I don’t even know what to say except BABY ANNOUNCEMENT MELON. Take a pic of this sweet creation and send it to all your friends.

6. Nesting Dolls Card: If you plan to send out a mass announcement, this card is perfectly adorable when you open a mother doll to find a baby inside. Don’t forget to include a snap of your newborn in the card.

7. Baby Mug Shot: This birth announcement screams funny parents with a sense of humor. Not gonna lie, I’d probably splash this one all over my Facebook page.

8. Baby Scavenger Hunt: Look, there’s an adorable baby! Now you get to piece together all the clues to figure out her name, birthdate, and stats. Have fun…

9. Keepin’ It Real: I’m preferential to this birth announcement because it has a hefty dose of newborn reality. Sweet, adorable baby girl on one side, crying, red-faced monster on the other. Now we’re talking.

10. Baby Ahoy! This may be a bit niche, but I personally think this nautical birth announcement is freaking rad. It includes an adorable picture with the “launch date” and baby stats listed in nautical terms, like displacement and length.

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