Child birth is an incredible, life-changing experience. It’s hard, and painful, and long, and scary. It can also be amazingly beautiful, as evidenced by these jaw-dropping birth photos. Is there anything more gorgeous than a picture of a new parent seeing their baby for the first time? Or a new little life making their entrance into this world? These birth photos show the emotional journey from labor to delivery. They capture those moments you might not remember, but never want to forget. They’re raw and candid and powerful, and sometimes, even funny! Shout out to these moms and dads and new little babies, we are in awe of you all!

1. Hell yeah, I freaking did it!

What a feeling!! ✨✨✨ #ididit #thatmoment #momentofbirth #homebirth #birthphotography #midwife #doula #mom #dad #baby #love #truelove #childbirth #childbirtheducation #hypnobirthing #doulasupport #goldcoast #brisbane #Repost @stopcensoringmotherhood ・・・ When you finally have your baby in arms and feel like a rockstar! {posted by Heather} #Repost @tracyjonesphoto ・・・ On Tuesday night I had the incredible privilege of photographing my first home birth. Wow! What special moment in my photographic career. I loved everything about it ❤️! This Mama was amazing and her husband was so sweet and supportive every step of the way. I just can't stop thinking about it and catch myself smiling as I scroll though the photos. Thank you @jmuyres13 and @bonk_it for allowing me to be a part of something that was truly spectacular.

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Mama, you raise that hand in triumph because you are amazing!