Naming a baby is honestly one of the hardest parts about having a baby! There are so many sweet names to choose from. And the pressure of finding the right one is intense. Most people go through hundreds of names before landing on the perfect one. So if you’re struggling to name your baby girl, don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Check out some of these incredibly sweet baby girl names for inspiration.

1. Mabel Sonny-Rae

Baby girl has a name☀️Meanings + traditions about her name👉🏼 Mabel we just love because it's old fashioned + different. It also means beautiful, loving + lovable. Sonny is a nickname my pop was given by the milk-man because he was always smiling + the name stuck. He was my best friend who passed away August 28, 2009. We conceived this baby naturally this time that I truly believe is a gift from my pop. Rae is mine, Salem + Norah's middle name (Amber Rae, Salem Rae, Norah Rae). Can't wait to see your face pretty baby☀️#miraclebaby #GrowingBabyStiner #itsagirl #growingfamily #growinghumans #babybump #babyreveal #babymakesfive #bumpdate #bellybump #motherhood #babygirlnames #genderreveal #inlove #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyphoto #expecting #mabelsonnyraestiner #family #familytradition

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We love old-fashioned names, and the story behind the middle name is too sweet!