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Blue Ivy Event Planner Tells Us Beyoncé’s Lawyers Are ‘Terrific People’

Blue Ivy Event Planner Tells Us Beyoncéâs Lawyers Are âTerrific Peopleâ

Veronica Alexandra wants to set the record straight about her relationship with Beyonce: “There was no lawsuit,” she told me Wednesday. Alexandra seems angry about much of the media coverage of her entanglement with the singer and her husband, Jay-Z, who tried — and failed — to trademark their daughter’s name “Blue Ivy.” That just happened to be the same name Alexandra had given her event-planning business back in 2009. More »

When I’m At Work, My Kids Don’t Exist

When Iâm At Work, My Kids Donât Exist

Last week The New York Times ran a detailed profile on Ina Drew, the former most powerful woman on Wall Street. She left her position as the Chief Investment Officer of JPMorgan after she took the fall for a $6 billion trading error in February 2011. The profile, by Susan Dominus, takes a detailed look at the unconventional Drew’s climb to the top of a male dominated field. Drew, a mother of two, called her children regularly from work, even in the middle of a meeting, and taped their drawings up in her office but many of her female colleagues weren’t as bold. From the article: More »

Rosie Pope Tells Us She Wants To Be “The Martha Stewart Of Motherhood”

Rosie Pope Tells Us She Wants To Be âThe Martha Stewart Of Motherhoodâ

Rosie Pope says she wants to be the “Martha Stewart of Motherhood.” Yes, this is a lofty goal considering Martha Stewart’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $712 million and her media empire includes a television show, a magazine, books, housewares and a Sirius Satellite Radio channel. But if anyone can do it, it is Rosie Pope. After all, did anyone even know what a baby concierge was five years ago? And now it is part of the vernacular. More »

The Marissa Mayer Club: ‘I Worked Until I Went Into Labor’

The Marissa Mayer Club: âI Worked Until I Went Into Laborâ

Television host and author of Exploiting My Baby, Teresa Strasser, wrote that earlier this week for She joked that she was practically “twinsies” with the Yahoo CEO, who had her baby boy on Monday, because they are due within a week of each other and are both having boys. But mostly Teresa says she is similar to Marissa because she is going to be working until her water breaks. She is a member of ‘The Marissa Mayer Club’ and from women we talked to, this isn’t a very small club. More »

Fox News Powerhouse Megyn Kelly Rejects The Notion That Women Can’t Have It All

Fox News Powerhouse Megyn Kelly Rejects The Notion That Women Canât Have It All

Fox News anchor and rising star of the network (she just co-anchored the RNC convention), Megyn Kelly appears to have it all and she believes you can. The mother of two young children has a fabulous job and is a great multitasker (she reads the news during the kid’s 6am playtime before heading to work) but her husband says she feels working mom guilt just like everyone else. “I reject the notion that you can’t have it all. I think you can: just not necessarily in abundance,” she told People Magazine. More »

‘I Missed Important Life Events Because I Was Working’: 6 True Stories

âI Missed Important Life Events Because I Was Workingâ: 6 True Stories

According to a new British study, parents say their number one regret in their child’s first few years is spending too much time at work. More than half of parents also said they regret not having more quality time with their children when they were younger. A sizable chunk – 63% – wished they had done more activities with their child, such as teaching them to swim or to play a sport. The study also found that 46% of parents have regrets because they have realized they will never get those early years back, while 18% worry their child’s life might have been negatively affected by something they did or didn’t do. More »

‘I Left Corporate Life To Have A Family, But Became An Entrepreneur’

âI Left Corporate Life To Have A Family, But Became An Entrepreneurâ

I once had a job where every meeting with my boss eventually involved consoling her because she felt like a bad mother. Even though I usually had a bullet list of points I needed to talk with her about–all of which did not involve parenting choices–I always comforted her. Was she actually a bad mother? No, I don’t think so at all. She loved her children and was doing the best she could to provide for them while also climbing the career ladder. But, she did have lots of mommy guilt.

More »

‘I Have A Great Job…But I Still Live With My Parents’

âI Have A Great Jobâ¦But I Still Live With My Parentsâ

Though we always think of deadbeat, predominantly male characters from television and movies mooching off their parents and choosing not to get a job instead of not being able to get one (Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers, Jason Lee in Mallrats, Matthew McConaughey in Failure to Launch to name a few), there seems to be a change in the types of people that still live at home. They actually have jobs and can support themselves, they are just choosing to stay at home and save money instead. But is this good for their mental health? We talked to a few of these people about why they chose to not leave the nest. More »

Egg Freezing As A College Graduation Gift? Not The Way To Celebrate Women’s Achievements

Egg Freezing As A College Graduation Gift? Not The Way To Celebrate Womenâs Achievements

I am a woman currently struggling with infertility. I feel very close to the conversations surrounding fertility, egg freezing and preparing young women for the realities of balancing a career and a family. I understand that focusing on your career for a decade or two after college can leave women without the chance to have a family without substantial financial expense and medical involvement. I’m all for frank conversations about fertility clocks and careers. More »

Being Pregnant At My Job Made Me Reassess My Career

Being Pregnant At My Job Made Me Reassess My Career

Imagine being a doctor in the ER. You’re running around seeing patients, talking to nurses, filling out charts etc., You are on your feet constantly all day. Or what if you are a litigator addressing the jury in court? Or maybe you are the owner of a restaurant and constantly have to be meeting with people? Now imagine doing all this while pregnant. We talked to a few women who reassessed their careers after their jobs took such major physical tolls on them during pregnancy. More »