Anonymous Mom Submissions

At Mommyish, we focus on the realities of parenting today. We know that while everyone has an idealized versions of the parent they’d like to be, no parent is perfect. More often than not, every mother and father falls short of their parenting goals.

While it may be easy to point out parenting failures in other families, a lot can be learned by shining a light on our own choices. The compromising decisions we make during moments of stress and weakness often inform us to make better decisions in the future. That’s where our Anonymous Mom column comes in.

Although parents can lead by positive example, it can also be helpful to learn from others’ trials and mistakes. Under this anonymous byline, Mommyish readers can share their own stories, secrets, and self-perceived flaws with complete anonymity.

If you have a story you’re embarrassed to tell your friends or just need to get off your chest, let us know. We’re looking for personal stories about what happens when you’re parenting under too much stress, not enough sleep and tight financial constraints. Fights with partners, quibbles with kindergarten teachers, and breastfeeding tribulations are all fair game. Please keep your submissions between 600-1500 words and tell us about something that you yourself have done. We’re not looking for tattletales who want to report on other parents. Just good tales of our own shortcomings that come with the territory of parenting without a guidebook.

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