Mommyish is a site for parents who are tired of “mommy blogs.” Ranked by Time Magazine as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2012, Mommyish writers take parenting seriously. But we don’t take ourselves seriously. We care about the realities of parenting today, and combine a thirst for the latest parenting news and trends with a tongue in cheek approach to childrearing.

On Mommyish, we welcome an array of perspectives on pregnancy, sex, partnerships, work life balance, and of course childrearing. While we host many experts and explore various parenting approaches, we do not align ourselves solely with any of them. Mommyish aspires to continue the ongoing parenting discussion with the opposing opinions of our editors, writers, and of course readers. We encourage debate. We’re not interested in telling our readers the RIGHT way to parent, but we do care about the choices parents make every day and we want them to be informed.

Let’s be honest. Parenting is political. The decisions we make for our kids and families are sensitive ones. We don’t claim to have this whole parenting thing figured out. And we don’t expect you to either.

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