Jerk Day Care Owner Shuts Down Without Telling Anyone, Screws A Bunch Of People

closed-sign-on-doorPretty much a working parent’s worst nightmare came true in everyone’s favorite epicenter or people doing strange or awful stuff: Florida.

According to clickorlando, the owner of Children’s Playskool in DeLand, Florida, sketchily called a moving company to empty the facility on Saturday and then shut the doors permanently that night without telling any of the parents or staff.

Celianne Santos Romero, the owner of the joint, told the moving staff that everything was on the up and up, but the owner of the company figured out pretty quickly that she was a lying liar full of lies.

“She had us throwing away blankets and clothes, taking their names off of their bins, saying the parents know about it, they just left this stuff. (Romero) told me all about the fact that she is going to Puerto Rico and, you know, she told all the teachers that she was closing. Well, if you told the teachers you were closing, why do you have teachers knocking on your door?”


Someone must have snitched on Romero, because at least one teacher, Tina Goldin, heard some sketchiness was going down and showed up to call the cops, saying, “This is very upsetting. This leaves about 10 of us without a paycheck.”

So a lot of people are losing money in this raw deal; all of the parents who are paid up for the month and the teachers who rely on the daycare as a source of income. Arguably the people getting screwed the most are the kids who attended Playskool, and just had a whole lot of their possessions trashed.

Apparently some of the teachers already knew something was up when hours were being cut left and right and the clock-in system stopped working sometime after the center lost its state assistance funding for early education.

This was pretty much my greatest fear as a poor working mom. I wasn’t on any state assistance, but a sizable portion of my meager paycheck went to keeping my child in day care so that I could go to work. I would have literal nightmares about waking up only to find that her daycare had suddenly disappeared, leaving me screwed.

As a mom and a former daycare worker, I feel nothing but contempt for this woman. She fleeced a bunch of people and bounced, leaving so many kids, parents, and employees in the lurch without so much as a “hey, I’m about to wreck your life in a pretty big way.”

If the center was part of a state-assisted program, that means that a lot of the parents were like me, circa 2007, with the kinds of jobs that offered amazing benefits like immediate termination if you didn’t show up for a single shift, so I think that’s why I feel so ragey about this.

Her staff plans to be at the center today to tell parents what Romero lacked the ‘nads to; that they have to go elsewhere with their kids. The movers are setting up a fundraiser to help out, because someone in this situation has to not be a dick.

As for Romero, this one’s for you, lady:

(Image: FooTToo/Shutterstock)

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  • rockmonster


  • SunnyD847

    What a bitch

  • Jen TheTit Whipper

    Who does that? What an asshole. Asshole is apparently the word of the day. Or mommyish needs to post some good news on here.

    • rockmonster

      Cuteness open thread?

    • Jen TheTit Whipper

      YES. who should we contact for this?

  • Katja Yount

    I’d call her the C word but that would be offensive to C words everywhere.

    • hanerynicola

      I just got paid


    • tubesfilledwithcats

      How about “twatwaffle” instead?

    • Rowan

      Or “festering bucket of monkey jizz”.

    • GPMeg

      Ooh, ooh, I’m so going to use that!!

  • JJ

    That exact same thing happened to my friend and her daughter here in the Canada not a few months ago. Apparently the owners knew they were having financial issues and they decided to shut it down because they “had no choice” according to them. Except they did not inform their staff, the parents or the kids. So people showed up on Monday for daycare and it was dark, closed and furniture had been moved out apparently the night before. The ass hole owners then got caught of course and went crying to the media about how they had no choice they couldn’t afford it anymore blah blah blah. Then tell people idiots and give them advanced notice so they can find another place to send their kid. People’s ability to go to work depends upon their kid being in daycare. Luckily my friend and her husband managed to find a place pretty quick but it made her daughter sad to not see her friends any more and my friends pretty distrusting of some daycare owners. Its been months and I’m still kind of mad on my friends behalf of what those two ass hole owners did to her and all those families here.

    Oh and not to mention many parents had their kids stuff stored there and the place ws locked so they had to wait a week or so to be able to pick up their kids stuff some of which they needed right away. They had to have lawyer for the property go with permission of the owner, who they had a hard time finding, unlock the building and let the parents in between a set up time of hours. If you didn’t get your stuff between those hours you lost it. Nice.

    • Ellie

      y so sketchy though? If they can’t afford to keep the daycare open they should just close it, no need to flee in the night.

  • allisonjayne

    Oh my god. Daycares where I am have year-long waitlists….I can’t even imagine what we would do if that happened to us.

    • Jessifer

      Oh god, same thing here. I waited 15 months for a subsidized daycare spot! Plus, it’s even harder to get in when they need a toddler or pre-school spot! There’s no way I could find another daycare within the next few months and I don’t have family here to help out. My husband would probably have to quit his job and be SAHD. What a nightmare that would be (not him being SAHD of course, but the loss of and extra income due to the whole situation)

  • M.

    This happened to a friend of my sister’s who worked at a daycare (also in Florida, but in Jacksonville, not Deland). He showed up for work one morning and the place was closed, though I don’t think the owners were douchey enough to throw everything out like this, they just shut their doors without telling anyone it was happening. He was standing around outside with the other teachers and employees, with a ton of royally pissed off parents who were suddenly stuck with their kids for the day. People just suck.

  • Bleu Cheese Bewbs

    The parents didn’t want any of their kids’ stuff? Riiiight.

  • Alex Lee

    That’s a fairly unique name…

    • rockmonster

      Whoa, no doxxing!

  • Blahblah

    That’s just insanity. I have no idea what I would even do. I’m in enough trouble with baby sitters flaking out or just no one able to take my Tiny Blah. I’d be so mad about that month’s of fees paid.

  • Jezebeelzebub

    Happened to me too- also in Florida.

  • Guinevere

    This happened last month here in Billings, MT. “Ahead of the Curve” Daycare. Mamas were livid. Just a sign hanging up saying they could collect their personal belongings at a “later date”…

  • GPMeg

    Wow, here I was thinking my former employer was being a dick by firing the director on the first day of school and just telling everyone I was out sick. This.. is actually just about worse than that.